Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogtoberfest 8th - Lou's first day

Some news! We have two extra hands at Ink & Spindle!!! Well, obviously those hands belong to a person, and that person is Lou, our very first employee :)

Lou's first day
Lou & Lara printing

Lou started her first day at Ink & Spindle yesterday and will be helping us print one day a week. We've had people ask if they can come work for us before but Lou just happened to ask at the right time (sorry folks). She called when we were in the middle of morning tea talking about how it'd be nice to have another person around to help share the printing load.

Lou's first day
Printing Birch in Robins Egg

The funny thing is that Lou is the only person in our studio with an official textiles degree. From Massey University in Wellington no less (we do love a good kiwi accent around here). And she's exactly the same height as us. Which is basically our #1 criteria, apart from being nice.

Lou's first day
Reach! Hmm this photo makes it look harder than it is!

Welcome Lou!


Teegs said...

HOORAY! Congrats on a successful first day, Lou!!

(Bee forgot to mention she subtly bribed us with home baked goods as well..)

The Nappy Spot said...

Ooo I think that some of that very fabric might be coming my way! Hooray! :)
(Oh and I'm completely jealous Lou!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, I had a blast! Can't wait to get all inked up next week!