Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blogtoberfest 10th - You're coming.. right?

Hey everyone!

Just wanting to remind y'all that it is officially only ONE WEEK to go til our Fantabulous 1st Birthday Party! Hooray! We're pretty excited. Even if Lara said she was boycotting booze.

Aaaaanyhoo, so if you are in (or can get to) Melbs next Saturday night from 8pm, you should totally come!

We'd really love our party to be a celebration for everyone who has supported us through this very interesting and challenging year & helped us achieve so much - ie: YOU! I don't think we could have, or would have, come this far without the seemingly undying support of blogland so we hereby invite you to attend - and don't worry if you haven't met us yet, we're probably much nicer in person ;)

** Pretty please email me an RSVP if you'd like to accept our invitation: info (at) inkandspindle (dot) com - before Friday 16th Oct

BYO welcome, but the first few rounds are on us! ;)
Come one, come all!!
xx Teegs


PretaPawte said...

congratulations! I wish i could make your celebrations but will be stuck in brisbane. have a great night

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Oh I would have loved to come along. However I'm taking Ms L out for her birthday. I hope you have a wonderful celebration and congrats to you all on a great achievement.

material girl said...

Congratulatiosn girls, everything looks amazing! x The Dandi Ladies