Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogtoberfest 14th - a happy shop is a full shop

It's a little bit exciting whenever we release a new print, although I have to say we've been a bit slack in terms of busting out colourways for this one! I'd love to hear what colours you'd like to see it in but for now let me introduce Chalk in Burnt Orange!

chalk in burnt orange
Chalk in Burnt Orange

This print has already made it's way onto some Mattt bags with good response!

Meanwhile we've also recently updated our shop with some favourites that tend to sell out rather quickly. So if you've been waiting for one of these, they're back in stock :)

birch in charcoal
Birch in Charcoal on Black

small birch in robins egg
Birch in Robins Egg on Cream

Sumor in Charcoal on Black

Seeds in Olive on Cream

bonsai in red on cream
Bonsai in Red on Cream (also available on Natural)

small birch in deep red
Birch in Red on Natural

1 comment:

Marina said...

Wow, i love the forest fabric!!!!
I come back and look in your shop!!!
Kind regards from Marina
Do you send to germany??