Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Open Studio! Mucked up again! :)

It's getting a little ridiculous, but we seem almost incapable of getting our Open Studio dates correct.

I blame Sixto. As he has been majorly busy with his Masters & teaching & generally being freaking awesome, he hasn't reminded us we have one by his usual way of a gorgeous (unsolicited!!) illustration appearing magically & unexpectedly in our inbox! :)

(We ♥ Sixto)


UPDATE! No Open Studio this weekend coz it's Easter (duh, I&S.) - instead we're going to have one on Saturday 17th April - that's two weeks later, people!


xx Teegs

Little Harvest Softies Workshop - Giveaway!

little harvest giveaway
Win a Softies and Screenprinting workshop pass!

We have two pieces of super duper exciting news. The first is that Little Harvest (the lovely ladies teaching screen printing workshops in our studio) are also conducting a Softies and Screenprinting workshop and are giving away a free spot in the next class!! If you want to go into the running, go here!

little harvest softies
Softies and Screenprinting class with Little Harvest

little harvest softies
Softies and Screenprinting class with Little Harvest

The other bit of exciting news is that Little Harvest are now our permanent studio mates here at the Ink & Spindle studio!! Yup, they moved all their gear in a week or so ago and the studio is already looking so much more exciting, vibrant and creative due to their presence! It's so nice to have some extra creative ladies sharing our space. Even though they're here mostly when we're not and we're like ships passing in the night ;)

A quick funny story:

Lara C (me) & Lara D (harvest) were talking on the phone the other day and the conversation went like this:

Lara C: "It's just so great to have new shelving in the studio and now everything has a home!"
Lara D: "Yeah I come from a very organised family. My mum's a librarian."
Lara C: "OMG, my mum is a librarian too! What does your dad do??"
Lara D: "My dad's a mathematician."
Lara C: "OMG my dad's a mathematician too!"
Lara D: "Yeah he does statistics type stuff."
Lara C: "Yeah he does! How did you know that?"
Lara D: "No i mean my dad does statistics."
Lara C: "No way! My dad does statistics stuff too!!"

I mean what are the chances! (insert "your statistician fathers could tell you that" joke here). Not only do we share the same name but our parents share exactly the same occupations. Crazy.

xx Lara

(Teegs Edit: Also, two Lara's = confusing for me.)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Wren in Macedon

Little Wren Cottage - Macedon
Little Wren - Macedon

How fantastic is this!? A gorgeous self contained cottage studio called Little Wren in Macedon. Such a lovely fit-out, and it features our Blue Wrens fabric on the curtains and blinds!! Thanks so much to Josie for choosing our fabric and emailing us with photos :)

Little Wren Cottage - Macedon
Little Wren - Macedon - with Blue Wrens blinds and curtains!!

Little Wren Cottage - Macedon
Little Wren - Macedon - Blue Wrens blind!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Organic cotton/hemp goodness

New unbleached organic fabrics
New unbleached cotton/hemp basecloth - oooooooooh

2010 seems to be the year for doing all those things we've been wanting to do for ages. Releasing a proper collection of textiles was one of those things, the other was to start printing exclusively on organic textiles and phase out our old cotton/linen basecloths.

The biggest challenge was finding a suitable replacement for the darker natural cotton/linen cloth. But finally we have!!!

old and new basecloths

The new unbleached organic cotton/hemp basecloth is just beautiful! We've printed quite a few runs on this basecloth now but we still go "oooooooooh" every time we do! It's just that little bit lighter than the natural, and all of our prints look so much better for it.

We're slowly working our way through the range so not everything has changed over yet, but here's what we've done so far:

Wrens in inky blue
Blue Wrens in Inky Blue

Ginkgo in snow & olive
Ginkgo in Snow & Olive

Lace Fans in robins egg
Lace Fans in Robins Egg

Ginkgo in snow & deep red
Ginkgo in Snow & Deep Red

Bonsai in deep red
Bonsai in Deep Red

We hope you like it as much as we do :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Fii's Tamarillo Deliciousness!

You must see what the uber talented, uber wonderful Fi has made!

Last month our Dear Friend visited us here at I&S HQ, and after she swore not to blog about it ;) we insisted Fi take away a piece of our then-not-yet-released Tamarillo Rooftops in Snow! And just look at this:


How fantastic is she? Love it, love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Check out Dear Fii's gorgeous Rooftops post over here for even more awesomeness!

xx Teegs

Monday, March 22, 2010


tamarillo collection
Introducing - the Tamarillo collection!!

It's here!!! Finally! We are super excited and proud to announce our VERY FIRST COLLECTION!

tamarillo collection
Tamarillo - cushions & lamps

It's been such a long time coming - lots of plotting, planning, designing, printing, sewing, making, photographing. And we're sooo happy with how it's come together!

tamarillo collection
Tamarillo - fabric bolts in canvas and light weight

The range is available as meterage in our shop right now, in both lightweight and canvas weight. Most excitingly, the basecloth is a GOTS certified, fair trade and organic cotton, and the red basecloth is herbally dyed using madder root. How awesome is that!?

IMG_6420 copy
Tamarillo - cushions!

Cushions and lamps will be available for sale at our open studios and market stalls, and we'll also be offering them wholesale.

tamarillo collection
Tamarillo - floor cushion!

Head over to our shop now! There's only very limited quantities of each fabric available until we print more, so if you like one snap it up!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Younghusband love

Have we ever talked about how much we LOVE our Younghusband building and all the people in it?? Yes it might be as leaky as an old boat but everyone loves it here.

I could write a novel about all of our neighbours and how awesome they are, but our closest neighbours are Lettuce, positioned directly below us who we have lunch with most days and can yell to through the floorboards, Yong next door who comes in for coffee and desperately seeks 'something sweet' to eat mid afternoon when he's feeling low, and the Boxing Gym upstairs where we've started going for Muay Thai classes. And lets not forget Al Martinez the master puppeteer who rescues us on a regular basis with his array of power tools, metal bits & bobs and even custom made brackets to pull our table flat again after the storm. A long post on Al will be written soon!

Anyway this little bit of gushing was prompted by the talented Yong who's made yet another awesome video, this time filmed when we were printing Gingko the other day. Cute and quirky:

Thanks Yong!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mookah wall art

Hey, how fantastic are these rooftops wall panels by Mookah? Photographed in Tracy's home - the happy customer :)

mookah wall art
Photos courtesy of Mookah & Tracy. Thanks ladies!

P.S. - thanks everyone for your kind and supporting words re our storm damage. Things have come up well -we've done some repairs and a big tidy up and now we're back to it!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Just a super quick post to let you know we will be closed until further notice! :(

Unfortunately, we (and all our poor Younghusband neighbours) were flooded out in Saturday's crazy intense hail storm - all four levels! We're hoping to get things back on track, but we have a lot of clean up and repairs to do in the meantime.

Wish us luck!

xx Teegs

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sale? SALE!

our first ever sale!

As you might have noticed, this year we've decided to consolidate our textile range and release new colourways in suites! But first we need to sell a whole bunch of fabric we don't want to print anymore. Soooo, we're having our FIRST EVER (and maybe only ever) SALE! Hooray!

We've got red! We've got white! We've got black! Don't miss out on these never-to-be-repeated prices! Up to 40% off!! That's right, kids - everything must go, go, go!

Well... not everything. Sorry, I tend to get a little carried away. And now I can't remember anymore tacky sale clich├ęs.

Anyhoo - go check out this page for all the goodness.

QUICK! DO IT NOW! Once they're gone, you won't be seeing them... ever again.


xx Teegs

Monday, March 1, 2010



Our new fabric is *so* almost ready..!

xx Teegs