Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogtoberfest 11 - some finished projects!

Every now and again we are lucky enough to get an email from a lovely person who has made something fabulous with our fabrics. We also sometimes stumble across a blog post or flickr photo of the same and we are are always slightly surprised, although thoroughly delighted, to find our fabrics being used!

"Hooray!" we say to each other, "someone has made something!"

I'm not joking, we really do. Sometimes I do wonder what happens to all the fabric we have lovingly printed, rolled up, cut up & posted off...

So many people promise to send us a picture when they've made something... but we rarely get any pics!! :( Or worse... the fabric goes in to "the stash" never to be seen again...

We're not that scary are we? C'mon, show us what you've made!!

Well lucky for us, two people have!

See this wonderful everyday bag, made by Di of Clementine's Shoes:

Clementine's Shoes Sumor daybag
Sumor in Charcoal on Black

And you may remember our friend JacRan, well, she posted this on Where The Wild Things Craft! How awesome is it?? Yay Jacinta!

JacRan Wrens Lamp
Blue Wrens in Teal

Thanks to both lovely ladies for letting us share their creations with you! Check out their blogs for more pics and the stories behind the projects :)

xx Teegs

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ren said...

They're gorgeous! I stash I&S fabrics because I'm always waiting for the 'perfect' project. I do have a couple of projects to start this week using Hollabee fabrics though and I'll even show you the finshed product if you like.