Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great news!

The website is very close to launching!!

This means we're ready to start taking external clients on board. The reason this is such great news is, that before we do launch properly and advertise and whatnot, we want to give you guys (our fabulous blog readers) the first opportunity to get your artwork on to fabric, as seen below!

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please email us!!! info(at)inkandspindle(dot)com

We will send you our price list and some easy to use and understand Illustrator CS3 (and up) templates! (basic Illustrator skills kinda required)


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Fabrics Up!

Yay! We have some shiny new fabrics up in our shop! I have two new designs: Antique Keys, seen in two colour prints and a half print, and Wrens.

We'd love to get some feedback from you! Let us know if there are any colourways you would really love to see in either print, and we'll try to accomodate :)

Hope you like!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Something

It is my sort-of-cousin's (mum's brother's wife's sister's daughter.. confusing I know) 1st birthday today! Yay for Lana! She had a lovely party last Saturday with lots of friends and family, and most importantly as Lana will agree, chocolate cake! :)
So I though I'd post a couple of pics of the little dress I made for her. Watcha think?
Lana's Sundress:
Made from Bianca's Bloem, in Plum on cream organic cotton/hemp blend,
with lace trim and ties.
(note the drawstring bag, made from some scrap Antique Keys fabric. More envirofriendly than wrapping paper - and reusable too!)

And one more - just coz Lara takes a great photo, and has lots of cute things hanging on her wall! Also for scale :)
Me retying the bows to make them pretty for the pictures...
Liz (Lana's mum) has promised a visit to the studio soon with Lana, so when that happens I'll post a pic of the little cutie, possibly in said dress!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A week of printing

Birch in Chocolate - Lara Cameron

Wrens in Charcoal - Tegan Rose

Antique keys in Cupcake - Tegan Rose

Bloem in Teal - Hollabee

Seeds in Orange Gold - Hollabee

Bloem in Olive - Hollabee

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hello 2009!

Happy 2009! We hope you had a lovely, restful non-denominational politically correct holiday break.

We certainly did. As much as we love the studio we had some much needed time away. We've come back feeling (somewhat) refreshed and are right back into it:

Printing Teegs' gorgeous new Antique Keys print in a new 'cupcake' colourway. OMG this turned out so delicious looking - it'll be up in the shop in week or so :)

Closeup of Antique Keys in cupcake - dusty pink and white on a cream organic basecloth. Yumm.

We've also spent much of this week working our way through a large order for Kelani which will be available in their shop in a week or so also:

Birch in red orange (Kelani exclusive).

What's that you say? The Birch looks smaller? Why indeed it is!! It's a new small scale Birch more suitable for 'craft' applications :)

It'll also be available in our shop in a few other colourways. Excitement.