Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blogtoberfest 4th

Another day draws to an end - already?!

Today consisted of me mostly just sleeping and whispering, preeeetty boring to do, then to read about, I know.

However I was able to have a Twitter conversation with Felix (no, not the cat) who suggested I might delay my bedridden boredom by watching Deadwood! Not to everyone's tastes, he said, but whatev's. So Brendan was sent off to the video store to hire me some DVD's and came back with Season 2... but I shouldn't have told Felix this because he made me promise that I under no circumstances was to watch them out of sequence. Ooh. The passion.


I may have sneaked a look at the first episode tho and here are my first impressions:
- Damn hard to understand their ye olde, goldrushy times, American accents!
- Seriously awesome costumes! I love anything with a corset. Anyone else feel like they were born in the wrong century..?
- The detail is amazing! Not just on the clothing, but the sets, backgrounds, everything!
- They have terrible potty mouths

Luckily for me, dear friend Louise came to the rescue and Bren is over at her house right now fetching me Season's 1 -3! Hooray!

That's my day - what are the other two doing? Well Luz has disappeared for her b'day - no doubt we'll hear all about it whence she returns!

.. and Bee, well, I think she should write about her very first weekend as an Aussie herself!

Ooh - Bren's back! Time for dinner and DVD's ;)

See ya! xx T

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