Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ups & Downs

As 2012 winds to a close we can't say this year hasn't been without it's fair share of drama. The last few weeks especially have seen some rather full-on happenings - not least of which has been the destruction by fire of our  much beloved and much dependent upon dyehouse & heat setting company Bulace. This has been such a devastating blow to our already tiny industry - Bulace are one of the last remaining dyehouses in Australia who are able to process meterage and many local labels are dependent on their services.

We personally have used Bulace every single week of the last three years to heat set our fabric - not one metre of fabric has rolled off our table without passing through their hands. Of course we were shocked and devastated to hear the news, and it's only due to the generosity of another print house in Melbourne (Veronica Textiles) that we've managed to keep on trucking without too much delay. Of course we're all very hopeful that Bulace will get back on their feet and continue to be a crucial part of our local industry.

There has also been good news however. Last Tuesday, ourselves (and half of Kensington) caught the train in to Town Hall to sit in on a council meeting that would decide on the fate of our beloved Younghusband Wool Store - specifically a Planning Scheme Amendment to rezone our building from Industrial to Mixed Use so Younghusband could be gutted & 3 residential apartment towers built. Many people spoke up against the proposal, including Teegs, and we played this video produced (in less than a day) by the very talented Yong of Studio Limo (of course) and a little help from me:

And it is with very proud and relieved hearts that we can announce that council UNANIMOUSLY rejected & abandoned the proposal to rezone our building! This is fantastic news for Kensington and the greater creative community. Of course we don't know what the owners will do next, but for the time being we can all feel a little bit safer, hopeful and more confident about our future here. A very good Christmas present indeed :)

x Lara.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Open Studio this Saturday 17th!

Hey guess what? It's our very last Open Studio for the year THIS SATURDAY! How did that happen? I'll refrain from blathering on about how fast the year has flown by - we've all heard it before. Instead I'll just beseech you to come visit, say hi, have a cuppa and help us bid adieu to 2011!

xx Lara & Teegs.

Harvest Market this Sunday!

Yay, we're taking our Inklet range plus some other cute bits and bobs to the Harvest Xmas Market this Sunday. Last time Harvest had a market it was an explosion of awesome cuteness, nice people and good tunes, so we're excited to be a part of this one.

Hope to see you there!! xx

Friday, December 9, 2011

New Inklet colourways!

Hey guess what? We've got some brand new Inklet colourways up in the shop! We decided to go a bit bolder and also a bit more gender neutral. We're loving the red and almonds and just want to find little people to put in them! (so long as we can give them back).

Hope you like :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mobile & Garland kits

Yay, our garland and mobile kits are now available in the shop! Just in time for xmas :)

Suitable for any non-sewing folk out there who still like to make things!

Make Your Own Garland Kit - in Pink/Red or Saffron/Robins

Make Your Own Mobile Kit - in Pink/Red or Saffron/Robins

Hope you like! x