Friday, November 27, 2009

Melbourne Design Market!

It's almost Christmas and we're sure you'll need presents, right? Well, the Melbourne Design Market is on again and we'll be there! Come 'n say hi... and do your Christmas shopping :)

Melbourne Design Market

Federation Square Carpark
6 December 10am - 5pm

making bundles
making bundles for the Melbourne Design Market

xx Bee

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our second intern...

About two weeks ago our second ever intern came to work with us! (meanwhile we have our 3rd working with us but more about that in another blog post).

Jane asked us if she could come and help us for a couple of days and we said yes! Jane was super lovely - she mixed our inks, helped with general tasks and even printed fabric with us, which she picked up really quickly. I think she had a great time and learned heaps (with the vision of starting her own little label sometime soon) and I'm sure we'll see more of her in the future :)

Jane - our latest intern!
Jane mixing inks

Thanks Jane, please come back and visit us!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday dress...

What?! Two posts in a day? Well, these two are related.
Teegs made a beautiful dress from an original pattern found in the May 1940 issue of Good Taste Magazine and it became her 'birthday dress'. It's gorgeous!

Teegs' birthday dress

(Teegs edit: You can't really tell, but the best bit is the fabric is a Skull'n'Crossbones print!! Being the pirate girl I am, I totally LOVE it!!)

Teegs' birthday dress

Yay for sewing!

Teegs' Bday goodness

We're a little bit behind with this birthday blogpost...

I'll let the pictures show the story ;)

Teegs' birthday - mmm cerveza
Cerveza's to start us off

Teegs' birthday - ooh presents!

Teegs' birthday - ooh presents!

Teegs' birthday - wow, a breville wizz!

Teegs' birthday - mmm shiny & red
Welcome Breville Wizz!

Happy Bday Teegs!
We're done with the birthday-a-thon now :)

xx Bee

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Redstaggerwing Designs

We promised to blog about this before Blogtoberfest was over... well, we didn't quite keep that promise but we'd still like to share this amazing scarf with you.

Lisa emailed us her pictures and we're always happy to see what people make with our fabrics... and we love showing it off too ;)

Redstaggerwing Designs

The temperatures here are getting a bit too hot for scarves, but I'm sure people in the Northern Hemisphere could use one of Lisa's beautiful scarves!

Thanks for sending us your photos Lisa!

Redstaggerwing Designs
scarves by Lisa DeMio from Redstaggerwing Designs

(pattern by Kathy Mack of Pink Chalk Studio)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Designs Finally Released!

OK, so you know they've been coming, but Lace Fans and Geofloral are finally here!! YAY!

Firstly a big thanks so everyone's feedback re both designs, as it really does help us decide whether to go ahead with one or not! We're very glad we did - they're both slightly larger in scale than we are used to doing, which was oddly odd, but we're particularly happy with how beautifully they printed up!

We have limited our colour pallette, so they're each only available in the Shop in four colourways :)

They are the tres classy Charcoal on Black Linen:
geofloral in charcoal in black

the uber chic White on Natural Linen:
lace fans in snow on natural

and two refreshing greens- Olive on Organic Cream:lace fans in olive on cream

geofloral in robins egg on natural

We hope you like them as much as we do!!

We also have a couple of colourways previously-seen-before but back by popular demand!! (See? We really do listen to you guys!!)

They are Birch in a very pretty Honey Gold:
birch in gold

and Blue Wrens in a lovely summery Teal, both on delicious Organic Cotton/Hemp! Yum!
Wrens Teal

On a side note, we had both these prints rolled out on the table yesterday and my goodness do those two colours look a-MAZ-ing together!! I love them! If only I knew how to quilt.. *sigh!

xx Teegs