Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blogtoberfest 6th

We're only 6 days into Blogtoberfest and already struggeling for words ;)

Whilst Teegs is at home -in pain, the poor girl, I hope she feels better soon- and Lara is having a creative outburst with her new *totally awesome* sewing machine, I've been keeping myself busy working at my other job and with watching movies. I've seen the September Issue and Valentino lately, which are great movies and the last one made me appreciate the world of Haute Couture -and the pricetag that comes with it- a lot more. The dresses are beautiful, the dogs are cute and funny and the relationship between Valentino and his partner Giancarlo Giametti is amazing!

I was lucky enough to win 3 double passes to see Valentino, after receiving a newsletter from Living Creatively in which it said that Hopscotch was giving away tickets on Facebook. Yay for free tickets!

Talking about movies... tonight we're off to see 'Fame'. Not sure what to expect but I'm sure it'll be a fun night out.

I can't leave this post without any Ink & Spindle-ness, so here's what we finally got to see last night.

Lara's Birch trees at the Precint Hotel in Richmond, how exciting to finally see it for real! We met up with the Living Creatively team and Jenny and had a great evening out.


Danielle said...

Oh wow! The Birch Tree doors look amazing! Totally jealous - we want some up here!

ellie said...

Yah to Larz, how cool to see your trees while out to dinner. They look excellent. How exciting!

we won't mind if you blogtoberfest becomes pretty pics, and not many words. You must have many many pretty pics to show off.

Lara said...

Haha nice post Bee! I guess you grabbed those pics off my Twitter, haha!

Anonymous said...

And the trees are on their web site too. Neat.


Heids said...

Awesome doors - how very cool. Great idea.

Thea said...

How exciting! I would want to steel those doors if it were my design... oh, did I say that out loud?

Sherrin said...

The doors look amazing! Congrats!!!!