Monday, January 14, 2013

So we have some big news to share..

I'm going to take a moment out of our regular I&S programming to tell you guys something important & relevant.

My recent journey to Mexico was utterly life-changing. It effected me on a very personal level - one I'm not sure I can adequately explain, or even if I should attempt to put it in to words, but I'll try & also do my best to keep it brief.

                                                         Just a section of Arbol del Tule

The backstory:
In my final week in Oaxaca, whilst seeing The Devil's Dosh at the International Film Festival, my Residency roomie Lizzee & I met Matt, Atley & Ferg who were (and still are) riding dual sport motorbikes from Canada to the bottom of South America. A pretty freaking awesome journey to undertake, if you ask me.

The story:
Over muchos mezcal (the local, delicious but very strong spirit that Oaxaca is known for) Lizzee & I invited the 3 lads to join us on our planned excursion for the following day: a trip to the Arbol del Tule (the largest trunk-ed tree in the world) a village called Mitla & a swim in the Hierve el Agua mineral springs, apparently nearby. They accepted, then suggested that they actually take us. I thought riding on a stranger's motorbike through the crazy roads of Mexico sounded ridiculously death-inducing, so I flatly & adamantly refused. 

After some lengthy convincing arguments from the boys, and Lizzee saying she was keen to go, I eventually folded. The following morning we headed out of town on the promise that they would all ride like grandma's. (Obligingly, they did & I should probably interject to say I felt perfectly safe the whole time. Thanks Matt!)

                                             Two thirds of the gang, getting ready to ride.

We visited the ancient tree (vast, beautiful, humbling), stopped in the market of Mitla for lunch (fresh, delicious) & headed out of town following some dodgy looking signs with 'Hierve el Agua' and an arrow painted on them.

                                    Post lunch, in the village square of Mitla. Photo by Lizzee.

Turns out the springs were pretty isolated, waaaay up & over a mountain. So up we went. Matt & I lost sight of the other two bikes often on the switchback-y dirt road. At one point - and this is the important bit - as we neared the top of the mountain I had a super intense, impossible-to-adequately-explain moment.

A moment of feeling completely, utterly, purely alive



My skin was electric.
My hair was standing on end.
My heart was bursting.
That moment took my breath away.
It seemed that we were literally on top of the world, in the heart of Mexico.
There was nothing around, just wild jungle mountains disappearing off to Guatemala and the Yucatan.
We could've been the only people on the planet.
I could barely believe that I was right there, right then, in that.exact.moment.
I wanted to laugh or weep or scream... to do SOMETHING.
It was entirely overwhelming and beautiful.

                                          Epic mountain view, can't be captured by camera

We got to the mineral springs, which are on the edge of the mountain. I went in the water immediately. It was very cold and delicious.

                                           In the Hierve el Agua. Magical. Photo by Lizzee

Everyone else was happily chatting away, but I was very quiet. I think I was in a little bit of shock. Trying to process what had just happened inside my brain.

The result:
I didn't quite realise it at the time, but looking back, it's easy to see that was the pivotal moment I realised I had to go. To leave Melbourne.

So friends & readers, there you have it. I am taking a sabbatical. 

To do what, you ask? Well, something pretty amazing actually. 2013 is going to be the year in which I sail as crew with my amazing, inspirational parents on their incredible, hand-crafted, 15th century replica caravel, Notorious. Otherwise known as 'the pirate ship'...

                                         My soon-to-be new home, Notorious. Yep, she's real.

This has always been on the cards for me, but up until that moment it was something I was going to do at a vague point in the future. On that sunny day, on a mountain top in far-away Mexico, I realised that now was the time and to be honest, it rather took me by surprise.

This whole thing has been a lot to come to terms with, as it actually means I really have to leave - to leave Lara, leave my incredible partner, leave the business (my baby), leave my friends, leave everything I have built here... but to be with my family, to journey, to go live the heck out of life! 

Ink & Spindle will continue on her path. Dear, wonderful, amazing, beloved, understanding Lara will be taking all the reigns in my months of absence, so it will be business as usual. She is a pretty special person, that one.

So you're probably wondering when! for how long! where to!!... but I'm afraid those details are yet to be confirmed, other than we hope to be somewhere near Byron for the birth of my brother's first child (squee!) in May. So I'll be around for the next few months as we sort out what exactly is happening.

There you have it!

I am very, very glad to have met those three men from Melbourne and glad to have had the opportunity to spend a day in their shoes. I think about how I almost refused to go & it really just highlights for me that if we make decisions in life based on fear, how many amazing experiences must we close the door on?

That's probably enough from me for now, so where ever you are in the world, buen viaje. 

xx Teegs

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Some Print Media Love!

A nice way to start the year - thanks Country Home Ideas!

Country Home Vol12 No6 Jan13

Happy 2013, dear readers

xx T