Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blogtoberfest 21st More Birthday Goodness

So we've fallen off the wagon with Blogtoberfest, just slightly, but we're just going to accept it and move on. It's one of the 12 steps, right?

Anyhoo, you know we had an awesome time at our Birthday and that heaps of ace people came, but what we didn't tell you was that the acest of the ace peeps bought us cards & presents!! How pumped were we?? Um, about a 10, I reckon!!

Here's our Birthday Cards! Thank you for all your kind words and gifts - we love them all!

Our 1st b'day cards!
From left to right: Spin Spin, Rita & co, Fernanda & Tom, Mal & co, Louise & Simon and Nikki & Colin!

Spin Spin's card
I wanted to give you a close up of this beautiful letterpress card by Idlewild Press - Thanks Spin Spin!! It's gorgeous!

The other super-uber-ace cool birthday related thing about today is that it's BEE'S 27th!! Yaaaaaay!! Happy, happy birthday, dear one!

Wait til you see what we gotcha!! ;)

xx Teegs


Melissa G said...

I love the sign language card. And happy B day.

Jacinta said...

Happy birthday Bee! only 27??! So young and innocent. ;) xo

------------------------------------------ said...

Love the ASL (American Sign language.. As I am profoundy deaf using full speaking oral and sometime BSL (British Sign Language and SSE (Sign Support English).. Good idea on card.. Its to see someone sent you card, of ASL..
And happy birthday... xx

ellie said...

Happiest 27th Bee. Hope you're having a quiet and relaxing birthday after the other night!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bee!!!! Hope you got spoilt rotten!
Lou xoxox

Juicy Roo said...

Ink & Spindle are really cool
their lovely fabric makes me drool
I hope your partay was heaps of fun
Congratulations on turning one!

and if I had some more time
I'd wish Bee a happy 27th as part of this rhyme!