Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shameless Advertising

Well, it's that time again, 2 months have passed, and we are holding our SECOND ONLY Open Studio - surely an event not to be missed!!

Bring your friends, bring your family, heck, you can even bring your dog! No really..

Anyhoo, come see our fab space, our setup, us, and most importantly, buy some of our amazingly-amazing, super-ace fabrics!!

Yay! Details are as follows!

10am - 1pm
Saturday 30th May
@ I & S HQ

(ie: Suite 206
10 Elizabeth St
Kensington, Vic)

There might even be cheese and/or other misc nibblies... but only if you promise to be good.

xx Teegs

Sunday, May 17, 2009

back in the day...

Harking back to the Stitches & Craft Show Melbourne days of yore, here's some pics we stumbled across from when we were interviewed on stage and had some of our fabric in the 'craft parade'.

stitches & craft show melbs - interview
Oh gosh don't we look all serious and grown up here? Ahhh if only you knew (actually you probably do, reading this here blog).

stitches & craft show melbs craft parade
Bee's Sumor in the craft parade

Oh sorry, I forgot I was supposed to be having a weekend. I'll get back to it...



we print too...

To prove that we indeed do more than write extremely lengthy (albeit sweet) blog posts *pointed look at Teegs*, here's some printing pics! We haven't posted any of these for ages...

Printing Sumor Deep Red
Lara & Teegs printing Bee's Sumor in Deep Red

Printing Sumor Deep Red
Pass me that squee....

And, most excitingly, Like Butter have been at it again, building things to make us more efficient, like these nifty handles for lifting the screen that double as a prop for screen flooding (if you have no idea what I'm talking about don't worry you're not alone).

Our new handles
New handlemajigs

Friday, May 8, 2009

A quickie!

I mean a quick post, people!! Geez, dirty mind much..? We're scrinters, remember?? ...although... no, no, I kid, I kid!

*sigh* Larz is gonna squeal at me for that one.

Ok, so you may be able to tell from that mini rant that we (I?) lost all equilibrium whilst in Brisvegas, and have yet to regain it. Though I am hopeful.

We had such a rad time up there in our fab city apartment
Our brissy apartment
Me, exhausted at the end of Travel & Set Up Day, armed with sofa, tv and cup of tea, pointedly trying to ignore Lara & her camera. But check out the view!!

Tho we mostly just worked at the show:
Ink & Spindle at the Stitches & Craft Show Brissy
Larz & Bee lookin' perrrdy at our stall - I love to make them pose..

Lara & Bee & Stitches in Brissy
Then make them laugh, so you can see them for who they really are: awesome, fabulous, gorgeous, giant dorks. (hmmm.. payback, ladies?)

But we also got to hang with a whole bunch of awesome peeps too!! Mel (& misc family) and Julie from Thread Den, who were next door to us;
Stitches & Craft show incubator area

the hilarious and indomitable K Doran; the hilarious and generous Winterwood (aka Sandra); a few of our newest favs, Jus, Fi & Nikki (we heart you guys! See pic below); the fantabulous Red Seed Studio duo Ellie & Sam; the amazing, felty Holly; the gorgeous Thea (& Sami); plus some new friends, the beautiful and knitting Megan;
Stitches & Craft show incubator area

the crazy and bright Louise; jeweller extraordinaire Helen! Plus a heap of other Brisstylers, of course! Just going through our pics, made us realise we were less than snap happy! We've hardly got anything to show you at all, sorry about that!!

We even had a whole day to explore Brissy ourselves, tho unbeknownest to us 'southerners' (we were called that a million times over the week) it was a public holiday so practically nothing was open!! Lucky for us tho, Jus, Fi & Nikki invited us to go with them down the river on the City Cat (it's a like a bus, but it's a boat! Some have been known to call it a "ferry"):
on the river cat
Justine is hiding at the very back, behind Larz, you can just see the top of her lil red head (woots for us gingers!)

We disembarked at Bulimbah for lunch & books (also where I bought the girls the awesomest, tackiest pressie I could find - Twilight badges. Hells yes), then we returned up river to the City, where we said au revior to the lovely trio and headed back to our apartment for a quick rest, before heading out to a fab Viet restaurant in West End for dinner, called Dakbla. Highly recommended.

dragon fellow
Big fat Eastern Water Dragon, just hangin' on Southbank

The next morning saw us sadly packing up our apartment and dragging our (much lighter) suitcases across a bridge and to the train station. We did make a detour into the city again, before we left for good, to purchase Lara an iPhone (she has become one of us... one of us...) as her old nokia gave up the ghost, finally, and via the ladies section of Myer so Bee could buy a new outfit (while she was deciding what to get, I stated chatting with a chick who worked at Cue, where I learnt that they make 95% of their clothing in Sydney, and it's all official and union and stuff - who knew!? Not I, obviously.)

We took a bit longer than we were meant to in the city so we bolted back to the train station, and headed out to the airport - just on that, why the hell don't we have a train to the airport here?? Someone start a petition, already! - where we ran in to Mel & husband who were on the same flight as us! Yay! Yay, because they were polite enough to *offer* us a lift to my place when Larz innocently enquired how they were getting home. We live quite nearby to each other so it ended up being no biggie. :)

So that was the end of our Brissie gig! And my quickie has turned into a longie, if that's even a word, so... I'd better stop typing now - Adios!

xx Teegs