Saturday, June 20, 2009

New & improved online shop!!!

Geez sometimes it feels like we're creating a new online shop for Ink & Spindle every few months. But this is the last time I promise!

Let me introduce - The New and Totally Improved Ink & Spindle shop!

new shop for Ink & Spindle
New Ink & Spindle shop - looks the same, but magic hides beneath

The old shop software was slow, clunky and unreliable. We had this constant problem where orders wouldn't process properly and stock wouldn't deplete. This version is SO MUCH BETTER.

There's only one downside, and it's actually an upside too depending on your point of view. There's no customer account/login. So every time you buy something you need to enter your address again. But that said, I often find having to create an account REALLY ANNOYING so I think this is better for new customers. And existing customers - we just hope you love us enough anyway ;)

new shop for Ink & Spindle - simple ordering screen
New Ink & Spindle shop - ├╝ber simple order screen

Oh, and as part of the launch - some new prints! Wrens in a range of new colourways, and Rooftops finally in the shop!

wrens in deep red on natural
Wrens in Deep Red on Natural

wrens in white on natural
Wrens in Snow on Natural

rooftops in deep red
Rooftops in Deep Red on Organic Cotton/Hemp

rooftops in snow
Rooftops in Snow on Natural

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And the winner is...

Not telling yet - let's begin...

Names sliced
All the entrants sliced up and ready to go...

Bucket folded
Folded and put in our very attractive "hat"...

Winner number 2
The excitement is almost too much to bear....

Congratulations to Paper Tiger!

Now because we're suuuuch kind and generous (and modest - did I mention we were modest?) people, AND because there was just so many entrants, we thought it would be nice to do a 2nd & 3rd prize, too! Also we were having such a fun time with the whole drawn from a hat thing we didn't want to go back to normal work!!

Winner number 3
Ooooh who could win Second Prize?!?
It's this Jacqui !

And Third Prize?
It's this Lauren !!

(oodly, there were two of both names)

Congrats you guys - email us your postal addy's and we'll send you a package of fabulous goodies!


Now we must say a massive thanks to everyone who gave us your ideas! We're mid tally, but so far it looks like white, greens and black are the most popular colours, with the natural linen being the fav fabric of choice, and small scale patterns in geometric and tree-related designs being what you're after!

No promises, but we'll have a brainstorm.

xx Teegs

Giveaway Has Ended!

Stay tuned for the draw....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Design Market stall video!

I'm really glad I took this video just after we set up the stall, before the crowds set in. But gawd, do I really sound like that??

quick journey back in time

Just quickly, I have to share this! I was just uploading a video of the MDM to youTube when I discovered this old video of our studio space before we leased it and renovated the bejeezus out of it.

How completely different does it look!? We used to call it the asylum. What a laugh.

Giveaway Ends Tomorrow!

Hey everyone, just a quickie to remind you that the giveaway ends tomorrow, (in approximately 17 hours!!) so if you haven't yet, leave a comment on this post!

We're gonna do the draw at 10am our time, just as Bee jets off to Europe for three weeks!! Lucky minx that she is! Bon Voyage, Bebot!! Bring me back a present!

xx t

Monday, June 15, 2009

Post Melbourne Design Market

Hooray! It's over!

We had such a great (albeit thoroughly exhausting) time yesterday - must say a massive thanks to all the wonderful readers who came in and introduced yourselves! And an even bigger thanks to those who came in, introduced themselves and bought a bunch of stuff! (And a spank for all you naughty blog lurkers (blurkers?) out there. Apparently there are many. De-lurk, dammit!)

Ahem, I'm here to show you a bunch of pics today! So I'm gonna attempt to limit myself to hilarious captions only from now on.

Larz modelling one of the Italian felt wool scarves!
The Spunky Lady of I&S, modeling one of the Italian Felt Wool Scarves! They are going to be available in our shop soon, tho we only have about 12 left... I'll keep you updated.

Teegs & Bee with Larz's back
Me, Bee & Larz's back putting the finishing touches to our stall.

Teegs, Bee, Larz and Sandra (aka Pepperberry)
Me, Bee, Larz & Sandra (a.k.a Pepperberry & co) all set up and ready to sell, sell, sell!!

Half the stall, with tree!
Stall shot - well half the stall...

Cushions, lamps & bolts
Posing in front of the cushions, fabric bolts and lamps! Can you tell I've not had much sleep?

Pepperberry & co's goods
Pepperberry & co's beautiful passport covers and notebooks!

Unpacking Shonah's goods
Shonah's fabulous pendants, mid-unpacking...

Mattt's latest collaberation with us - New coloured hemp canvas bags, launching the latest design 'Rooftops'!! They sold like hotcakes, too!

Ok, now for some name dropping! We had some other fabulous blogger peeps, and non-blogger peeps, come visit us:
Penny from Pocket Carnival, Amy from Moyou, Susie from Button & Squiggle, Susan from Spin Spin, Shannon from Rabbit & The Duck, Britt from Stitchy Britt,(who by the way, actually came up and helped package stuff on Saturday arvo, with her friend Jett, in exchange for a cup of tea and a vegan chocolate biscuit), the ever-lovely Anna from Living Creatively, one of my favourite workshopee's from the Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show - the everlovely Kate, our lace teacher Jan, our newest neighbor here at the studio Yong, my chiropractor San, & Ruth the vet!

Speaking for Lara, the definite highlight of the day was when Bee spotted Lawrence Leung in the crowd told Lara (Lara loooooved his show) who then bolted out of the stall, (nearly bowling me over in the process) to shake his hand. Seriously, people, it made her day.

We found one more!

Here is, until further notice, the final 'Hot Man of I&S'!

Introducing Gerard!
Gerard, working for free ;)

A wonderfully surly teacher buddy of mine, he gave up part of his Saturday to come to the studio and fold & package fabric! The most impressive part of it is that it was during his report writing time and he STILL came! And it wasn't even the first time, bless his little cotton socks, he comes to visit fairly regularly and we always put him to work.

What a guy!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Melbs Design Market


Well, it is. So come one, come all to Fed Square carpark, between 10am and 5pm!

We've got an extra big stall this time, and we're gonna need it!! We are selling a whole range of fabrics, kits, fabric covered lamps, felt scarves & cushions!

As well all that amazing stuff, we're ALSO stocking products by Mattt, Shonah & Pepperberry!

Speaking of Matt, and in keeping with our previous post, we thought we'd show you him! (We were thinking of having an entire series titled 'The Hot Men of I&S' however, there really is only Jem and Mattt, so yeah...)

Enough of that! Here's spunky Matt:

Mattt inspecting rooftops
Matt inspecting the very first repeat of the new Rooftops print, on his fancy new hemp canvas! All up to scratch, Matt..? We thought so.

As Larz often notes, we love a man who sews! ;)

(Note my brand spankin' new Princess Coat on the mannequin behind - more on that, and Lara's newbie, next week...)

On to other news, here's a pic of Lara, mid-lamp making:

lara making rooftops lamp
She's notoriously hard to get a photo of as she's always hunched over something or another! At least here, you can nearly see her face - and she's almost smiling!

Ok, best get on with the rest of the preps!!

Come visit us at the market tomorrow

xx Teegs

Friday, June 5, 2009

Amidst the busy..

You'll find some pretty!

Here's the result of the placement printing which Sam and I did during the Open Studio last weekend, a lovely wool felt and linen scarf for dear Cousin Nathan's birthday! Only two months late, but hey, it's handmade.

Scarf modeled by the spunkiest man in the entire Younghusband Wool Store building, the very wonderful (and very tolerant) Jem of LikeButter!

Jem with scarf
Jem. You could be a part time model! Heheh!

You can see why we love the LikeButter crew so damn much - aside from building all our stuff (see tree behind) dear Jem allows us to accost him with the occasional odd modeling demand! Though he never stays for a cup of tea... can't imagine why..?

If you can tear your eyes away from the thing of beauty above (the scarf, people) we thought you might like to see what happened next...

After a few people thinking that perhaps they'd like one for themselves, it got us thinking that maybe we could whip some more scarves up for the Melbourne Design Market! So I headed off to Park Orchards to pay a visit to our dear friend Winterwood and pick us up some fancy-pants, Italian felt. After eventually choosing the colours, we came home to I&S HQ and began doing some placement prints.

printing placements
Mid print run of the first colour


half made scarves
All cut in to lovely scarf sized lengths, now ready for colour 2!

That's all so far, I'm actually procrastinating doing the next batch of printing by writing this post. But I just had to show you Jem- er, I mean the finished scarf! ;) Just kidding, Jem!!

One last one to see what the other two lovely ladies are up to today:

wrapping soaps and making cushions
Larz is on cushion making duty, Bee wrapping handmade soaps (no, not handmade by us)

P.S. massive thanks to everyone who's commented on the giveaway post - so far the most popular suggestions are MORE GREEN PLEASE and SMALL GEOMETRIC DESIGNS. Keep 'em coming folks!

xx t

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GIVEAWAY?? About freakin' time!

Ok, so we're not exactly known for our frequent blogging, but that's mainly due to the fact that we have a business and there's heaps of other crap that goes in to getting fabulous fabrics to you, and it's almost ALL boring as bat doodies. I think so anyway....

Oh, sweet jellybeans, I've gone off on a tangent already.

Let's start again.

You like free stuff right? We do. So we thought we'd give you some stuff, even if it's not entirely free. Woots, anyway!

We're gonna give you a whole bunch of gorgeous handprinted fabrics! (*gasp* Wow! What a surprise!) Some you will know, some you won't... ooooh tantalising... some are so brand spankin' they're not even back from the heat setters yet!

Ok, so the dealio is:

*Leave a comment - tell us what you would like us to print. Colours, new designs, fabrics... whatever! But BE SPECIFIC! We plan on exploiting you guys as market research, so make with the detail.

NB: No praise or flattery will be allowed. Only good, solid constructive criticism. Or something.

We'll do the random draw on Wednesday the 17th June at 10am, our time. That's two whole weeks to think about what you would like to see and write something really useful!

That is all.

xx T

Monday, June 1, 2009

A busy Week(s?)

So much happened this week. No time to blog.

In an attempt to make this post not a novel, and so as not to earn more pointed looks from Larz & Bee, I'm going to work in dot points.

And try to stick to them.

Here goes:
Monday: printed like crazy; went to Lace Class; on the way, wound Bee's bobbins and nearly vommed coz I was in the back seat and I had to do it as we went thru the hated tunnel and that, along with the fumes, made me all a tad carsick; recovered and kicked the latest lace pattern's proverbial butt and got an invite to our teachers house for a private lesson (Woots!!) (yes, yes, it's well established I'm the teacher's pet.) (You're just jealous.)

Tuesday: We printed like crazy - oh btw, Bee spent the WHOLE week with us at the studio due to some time in lieu from her other job and it was ace!

Wednesday: printed like crazy (surprised?); had meetings and general boring work stuff; went to Glen Iris for my private lace lesson, learned how to do Tallies and Windmill Crossings properly. Pumped as. Time flew. Home late.

Thursday: P.L.C (see above); then we went to Mattt's Funky Gertrude St Pad so Larz could show him how to set up the blog we've finally talked him in to doing. I cooked dinner. Bee assisted. Again home late.

Friday: Got ready for our Open Studio; Then went for vegan lunch and vegan shopping with Miss Pepperberry herself, (she was teaching me all the good places to go. BTW if you haven't been to the Ivanhoe Coles. Go there. Just go. I can't explain it. It's amazing.) Sandra and I traveled all across Melbs, from North to Southeast and back to West all in an arvo, which actually ended up being and arvo and and evening, (but hey - who's timing!) which involved a lot of chatting (and eating) and it turns out she is totally ace! I had an inkling, but now I know for sure, and thought I'd better share; after I finally let poor Sandra (she was/is sick) go home, I had to stay up til 1am to go the the airport and pick up Sam! Yay, Sam! 1am turned into nearly 2am, and after a nap in the car, which was parked, running, in a bus zone, with the heater on full coz it was about minus a million degrees (I hate the cold), my bestie arrived! Huzzah! Home, cup of tea, sleep.

Saturday: Here's Sam - she is the Honorary 4th I&S Member, as she spent four weekends in a row getting filthy last year, helping us reno the space in the depths of winter AND she was from Darwin. That's a good friend, right there.

She'd kill me for putting a pic up, I guess it's just too bad she's in WA! Haha!

Saturday saw us hold our second bi-monthly Open Studio - and what fun! We had heaps of awesome people come up for a look and a chat and a nibbly, we also did a bit of placement printing, so people could see the general process. That was fun. Tho the awed silence freaked me out a bit... I'm used to demo-ing to bored teenagers!

After that, Sam and I went out to Sandra's where we got to meet (in order of appearance) Tango, Sharon, Coconut, Monsieur, Manhattan and the adorable ginger (we gotta stick together, y'know) cat, Gin Gin. We dove straight in to cooking a 5 course vegan dinner, had a great afternoon full of laughing and cooking and mess-making and quickly-cleaning-up-before-Sharon-noticed-what-we-were-doing-to-the-kitchen.
Evening rolled around soon enough, Bee & Larz arrived to join the party and we ate. And ate. And ate some more: Pesto dip; taco's with guacamole; asparagus, lemon rind and something else pasta; mini passionfruit pav's (in theory, tho they were less than successful); and finally choc ganache and strawberries... mmmm... I didn't mention the "marshmallow's". Hopefully Sandra will write a blog post about those. I just can't bring myself to.

Sunday: Sam and I woke up with sugar hangovers. They exist, trust me. After checking up on the hosts, Sandra said and I quote "Sharon woke up with a migraine, I woke up fat." We giggled.
We eventually crawled out of bed and went to Grumpy's Green on Smith St for delish vegan food and organic wine... then decided to head to the studio to make Sam's little 4y.o. sister, Ally, an Audrey & Maude Softie! We decided on Eloise the Elephant and made her from a gorgeous silk/linen fabric we had lying around somewhere and Bee's Sumor in Teal on Natural, coz look at how awesome it works with the ears!

Hmmm, now where should those ears go...

Et voila!
(Sorry about the crappy photo's, I only had my iPhone camera handy.)
So we finished Eloise just before Sam's flight home, which she made this time. Phew. Home. Sleep.

Monday: Printing, a bit crazy-esque, our new batch of delectable organics arrived, so we got straight in to those - omg yum as. Wait til they're ready, that's all I'm gonna say. Home, Ashburton, pick up Bee, get noodles, lace class, buy more bobbins, home, sleep.

Tuesday: Printing, blogging. Banana. And that's it! We're up to date.

So much for the not a novel bit, but oh well! There was a lot to catch up on!

xx Teegs