Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blogtoberfest 27th - dropping the ball a little

Wow we were doing SO good at this blogtoberfest thing but let's be honest, there were slim chances of us being able to keep it up being the tres busy ladies we are.

It's been a little bit crazy around the old Younghusband building of late (esp with the lovely new neighbours we've had move in downstairs) and we're due to knuckle down for some mammoth printing weeks in the upcoming month.

But in the meantime we have some lovely new printy goodness to share with you. Not least of which is Teegs' new Lace Fans print!!

Here it is is a tres classy & Melbournesque charcoal on black, with more colourways to follow soon!

Lace Fans in Charcoal on Black
Lace Fans in charcoal on Black

Also exciting, our new Chalk print in snow on natural!

Chalk in Snow on Natural
Chalk in snow on Natural

Also a classic fav, the robins egg Birch on Natural instead of cream! Mmmm I love the translucency of this ink on this baseloth:

Birch in Robins Egg on Natural
Birch in Robins Egg on Natural

And last but not least, Teegs' Antique Keys print has finally made it up into the shop! It's available in Charcoal (pictured) or Rust Red on Natural or Cream.

Keys in Charcoal on Cream
Antique Keys in Charcoal

Enjoy :)


ellie said...

Those fans are pretty pretty pretty. And, yes - tres chic! I love the charcoal on black.

Mel said...

Oh!!! How come each time I make a purchase you add something else to the shop to tempt me?

Heids said...

Love the charcoal on black colourway. And the birch on natural...just what I need to make a skirt for my friend post bub in Nov...will be back to visit the shop after payday!

Anonymous said...

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