Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OMG! QUILT KITS! (And other fabric too!)

We can barely believe it either, but we have finally - finally! - got some stock back!!

We're only part way through our re-stock, but the first things that are ready are the Allsorts Quilt kits & some Robin's Egg Birch ... plus some other fabrics, go check out our shop!

I had a bit of fun with the free quilting foot on my machine, this time I followed the shapes of the prints. Pretty cool, huh?

PS: WE ONLY HAVE 14 OF THESE! So get in quick..

20 available now, more to come.

Those people who are after the Blue, Green & Charcoal Allsorts quilt, I'm afraid we won't be stocking that one again as we have altered a few of the fabrics that were in it.

SORRY! But, have a look at the Saffron one! C'mon, how much better is it?? :)

Ok now to the nitty gritty & some kinda bad news.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to put our prices up a teeny, tiny bit! It's been a long time coming and we've been putting it off for ages but...

Come next WEDNESDAY JULY 6TH our fabrics will be going from $22 per quarter metre to $24 per quarter metre. This means our quilt kits will also be increasing in price, from $125 to $145.

We wanted to give you guys the opportunity to purchase the fabrics & kits you have been waiting oh-so-patiently for at the old price, so get in quick to nab something now! No dilly dallying!

xx Teegs & Lara

Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday in the studio

At the end of last week I had a moment where I stopped and looked around me and felt so proud of our little studio and all the things that are happening here. And then realised that these are the moments we should share more often on this here blog. So here's some snaps from Friday afternoon:

Susan and Katie printing

Susan and Katie printing - the second pass

Susan and Katie are two awesome interns who have been with us over the last few weeks - during any down time when we didn't have jobs for them to do they hand cut their own stencils and printed a repeating design. So much fun to see their creativity at work!

Our new little lounge area

... and windowsill garden

When Teegs was away the other week and coincidentally Dana was moving house, we scored a Dana's old retro couch. It needed a bit of work and reupholstering but now looks awesome below our windowsill garden :)

A custom Birch colourway

What better way to view an long standing design with fresh eyes than to print it in a custom colourway for one of our favourite clients.

Yay! xx

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The great basecloth drought... (and a cancelled Open Studio)

Oh how we wish our shelves looked like this again...

Hey everyone, hope your chilly Melbourne week is travelling along nicely :)

If you've visited our online shop lately you might have noticed that there's a serious lack of stock in there. And that's because our damn basecloth supply issues are still dragging on and we still don't have any of the cream basecloth to print on! Number #1 lesson learn - don't depend on one supplier! Which is much easier said than done when you have pretty specific environmental and ethical requirements like we do.

Aaaanyway, the good news is that it'll definitely be here in about two weeks, and in about 3-4 weeks we'll have our stock in the shop again. So please be patient with us and know that everything will be back soon!

The other bad news is that we're cancelling our Open Studio on June 18th. Partly because we have hardly any stock in the studio to sell you, and also because Teegs is away that weekend and we can't do a printing demo. But the August one will still definitely be on :)

Thanks again for your patience guys!

xx Lara & Teegs.

Monday, June 6, 2011


One of my favourite things is seeing our fabrics made up into cushions, and lately we've taken to sewing up small batches of them to display & sell at markets.

Since Teegs was away in Byron last week I finally had some spare time to photograph them for the shop. So for those non-sewing-folk out there (or those mortally afraid of sewing zips) here they are!

Cushions! Finally in the shop :)

Hope you like :)

xx Lara.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Teatowel update

Wow guys. 93 people commented on our post about those dodgy teatowels and your suggestions are all awesome!

I'm so sorry we haven't got back to you with a winner yet! Teegs is away in Byron so when she gets back we'll both decide who had the best suggestion. I think we'll pick one person with the funniest/most outrageous suggestion and one with the most practical suggestion.

Stay tuned and thank you again!

xx Lara.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MARKit and State of Green

We had such a good time at MARKit on Sunday. It was so great to attend a show with a fresh textile & product range that we weren't tired of. It was so great to have just a small stall and only one car load of stock. And it was so great to see people walking away with the wheatbags and draft snakes that our super talented assistants & interns made (I have a soft spot for draft snakes - they're just so cute and functional).

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The Ink & Spindle stall at MARKit - Photo by Jenny from State of Green

The other great thing is that the very lovey Jenny from State of Green wrote a very flattering blog post about our stall & new Monochrome range, which you can read over here. Thanks so much Jenny!

This week Teegs is away in Byron enjoying some warmth. In the meantime I'm catching up on admin, taking product photos, tidying and reorganising the studio with Dana and generally getting everything back on track.

Oh, and crossing my fingers and toes that we'll have some basecloth soon so we can actually our stock that you're all so patiently waiting for.

xx Lara.

P.S. - happy first day of Winter!