Thursday, April 10, 2014

New prints, new colours!

It's been a busy start to 2014 in the studio! Caitlin has been settling in well into her role as co-captain, Lara has been moving at a slightly slower pace than usual with the impending bub due any day now, and amongst it all we've managed to design a couple of new prints, come up with some new colourways for existing designs AND add some new colours to our palette! All listed in the shop as of today :)

Firstly, introducing Bracken - Lara's latest design - a large scale inverse botanical print in four colourways:

Bracken in Turmeric

Bracken in Stream

Bracken in Slate

Bracken in Coal - note this is a seconds/sample length only

Next, introducing Caitlin's latest addition to the range - a gorgeous flowing Hakea print perfect for window furnishings and upholstery (amongst other things!)

Hakea in Slate

Hakea in Red Orange

And finally, some existing favourites printed in new colourways!

Silver Gum in Turmeric & Almond

Kangaroo Paw in Slate

Ginkgo in Turmeric & Almond

Dashes in Olive

Birch in Turmeric

Hope you like!

xx Lara & Caitlin