Monday, October 19, 2009

Blogtoberfest 18th Post Party Post!!

Only a day late! Pretty good considering the night we had, I reckon!

We had a wonderful time! I must admit we were a tad worried at 7:55pm, when we all looked at each other and said "d'ya think anyone will come..?" Turns out we needn't have worried and we could have done with a little bit more space & seats

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
Some of the crowd

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
Surprise, surprise - I was "volunteered" for the thank you speech/door prize draw

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
Bit blurry, huh? That's what it looked like from behind our eyes by this stage, too!

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
Door prize winner!

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
Suzie, Chris (and Thread Den ladies) Mel & Tenille

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
Karin, Paula & Baz

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
Caitlin (aka Pippiejoe) and Liesl (aka Hoppo Bumpo)

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
My old teacher peeps! Louise, Gerard & Sandy - oh and Simon in the spiffy hat!

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
Newest member of I&S, Lou & our dear Ironside Studios neighbour, Laura!

Ink & Spindle's first birthday
Then there's a gap of about 6 hours, til this gorgeous photo of Lara was taken by the infamous Jem, as she's calling cab at 5am...

... I know. 5am. It was a very late night. On the walk home the birds were singing and the sky was turning blue.

Big ups to Jem & Angus who stayed to the very end, and gallantly made sure we were delivered safely home!

Needless to say, Sunday was a non-event, Bee (who bailed at 2 - lightweight!! :P) came and cleaned up a bit, I slept allllll day and Lara went to see a play... and slept allllll through it! We're still recovering.

To quote Angus, "we're sure not 19 anymore". Not a truer word was ever spoken.

Great people, great party - thanks for coming you guys!

xx Teegs


Karin said...

Great party ladies! I'm grumpy I didn't win the door prize though. Boooo....

Liesl said...

It was a lovely party. Hope the coming year is as wonderful as the first!

Charlotte said...

Gefeliciteerd met jullie 1e verjaardagsfeestje, de foto's zien er gezellig uit! Die heeft Marcel zeker gemaakt?
Succes, xx Charlotte (from Holland)

ellie said...

looks like a fan-tab-ulous night was had by all. promise i'll be there for birthday #2 (or even 1.5!). wish we could have made this one.
good and happy and fun things for the next 12 months, hey!

- E xxxx

Heids said...

Looks like you gals had a fun night with loats of peeps to help you celebrate. Looking forward to what year 2 holds.