Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Open Studio September 18th!

Oh my gosh. A miracle has happened. We are letting you know about our open studio a whole 2+ weeks in advance! I know, you're very impressed with our organisational skills.

I really have Fiona from Onabee to thank, because she requested a poster for her shop window. So we had to get our ass into gear and make one.

Anyway, hope to see you there!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Despite having a list as long as my arm of other things to blog about, I have to tell you about these now now NOW because it's just so darn exciting.

We just put some three fabric bundles in the shop!!!

Three fabric bundle - Red Orange

How did it take us so long to get around to doing this? Good question! It's not exactly rocket science.

Three fabric bundle - Green

They're all cute and colour co-ordinated and everything. Each piece measures 47cm x 47cm - perfect for cushion covers, small craft projects or even quilts. Go snap one up :)

Three fabric bundle - Blue

Yay :)


Monday, August 16, 2010

Updated Open Studio

Hey lovelies!

Just in case you were planning to pop in to the next Open Studio, we've had a change of date!

In a fit of absent-minded-ness, we had it booked in for Oct 2nd, BUT that's a) Lara's birthday weekend (woots) & b) Parklife party weekend! So we've decided to bring the Open Studio forward a couple of weeks.

New date is September 18th (first weekend of the school hols, I believe) at the usual time of 10am -1pm, at our lovely premises at 10 Elizabeth St, Kensington!

You should totally come :)

xx Teegs

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Youse got talent

I love love love it when people email us sexy photos of things they've made with our fabric. Especially when they've taken time to do some styling. I'd love to post pics from all the things people send us but I'm just going to post the prettiest photos today:

Birch Curtain in Dylan's Woodland Nursery

Baby bag by the expecting Ainslie Heffernan

Upholstered copper chair by Floery Mahoney

Lamp shade and Canvas by Studio Eco, one of our stockists in Adelaide :)

Canvasses by Studio Eco, one of our stockists in Adelaide :)

Keep the photo's coming guys - we love seeing your creations. Makes it all worthwhile :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Photoshoot, Article & Design Market!

Hello all! I'm not officially back from my holidays yet, but I thought I should pop in & let you know a couple of neat-o things that have been going on around ol' I&S HQ!

A little while back we were nominated for the Energise Enterprise Small Business Heroes - The Designers exhibition & we were lucky enough to be among the chosen few! Hooray!

As finalists, part of the prize was a pro photoshoot:

Lara, Teegs & Lou

Lara Bella Teegs
Lara & Teegs - with the honorary I&S member relaxing on the sofa..

Teegs Bella Lara Lou
Teegs, Lara & Lou

The exhibition is currently on in the Atruim at Fed Square, for those of you who are Melbs-based & is on until the 14th August. (I know, I really should have told y'all about it earlier.. but I am on holidays...)

It's pretty cool, there are 18 businesses profiled, with lots of photo's of each of us in our work spaces! It opened last Friday by the Minister for Small Business Joe Helper, with a luncheon & ribbon cutting ceremony. It was all a bit fancypants! ...a little tooooo fancypants for us, we kept giggling to each other "Are you sure they meant to invite us to this..?" and trying to keep straight, professional, businesslike faces on.

It was great seeing some of our friends there too, we got to hang out with Emily of Nancybird, Tina & Glenistair of Saltmarsh and I just happened to sit next to Jamie from Keep Cup over lunch! He was really lovely :) we do love our Keep Cups!

Anyhoo, as part of the exhibition there is going to be the Business by Design Market held in the Atrium THIS FRIDAY from 10-4, where all the finalists (and some extra lovelies!) will exhibit their wares. You should totally come along & say hi to us!!

And as part of the promo for the exhibition the Herald Sun put us in their paper:

Newspaper Article
August 5th, 2010.

That was pretty cool!

xx Teegs

P.S. Umm, the photographer made me climb on the table, btw - it's not common practice. And it certainly wasn't our idea! xt

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New fabrics!!!

Possibly the most exciting reason to return from holidays - we've printed some new fabrics!!

It's so exciting to see something from your head turn into something real, which is particularly the case with this new two colour version of our Kangaroo Paw print. Being a print of such a large scale, I wanted to come up with a texture to print in the background so it would work well in smaller pieces. And then Harvest came along, with Lara Davies' gorgeous dashes print, and we worked together to adapt it for yardage. Yay!

Here's the first couple of colourways we've done, each with the Dashes print available on it's own as a complimentary. All available in the shop right now :)

Kangaroo Paw in Red Orange and Snow

'Dashes' in Snow

Kangaroo Paw in Charcoal and Teal

'Dashes' in Teal

And then last but not least... we recently got some of our GOTS certified organic cotton dyed in a gorgeous charcoal colour, and so we present Rooftops in Black on Charcoal. Yay! We love how this turned out, and figure maybe it might even be deemed suitable for the man in your life ;)

Rooftops in Black on Charcoal

We'd love to hear what you think, and if there's any other colourways you'd like to see :)


We're back!!!

...well kinda. I'm back, Teegs is still away for another week (we did a bit of tag-teaming).

Lots of new stuff to share, but I'll get onto that soon! Meanwhile, you should see the amazing stuff that the Harvest girls (our studio buddies) have been doing the last month. Making gorgeous softies kits and kids clothing and teatowels and all sorts of awesome things. Here's some pics!

Harvest Textiles teatowels

Harvest Textiles softies kit

Harvest Textiles at the Melbourne Design Market - screen printing demo!

Harvest Textiles yardage printing classes at the Ink & Spindle studio

Harvest Textiles yardage printing classes at the Ink & Spindle studio

And, super excitingly, check out this video that our studio neighbour Gus from Lettuce made about one of their yardage screen printing classes!! Is there a shortage of talent in this building?? Methinks not.

The Harvest Class from Angus Booker on Vimeo.