Friday, April 24, 2009


We'll be away from the 27th of April until the 5th of May. All shop orders will be posted as soon as we get back & organised again. Thanks for your patience!

If you are in Brisbane... please come and visit us at the Stitches & Craft show Incubator stall 160/161.

See ya!


Hey peeps, Bee just put links down in the sidebar to each of our Twitters (sorry there's no I&S one, none of us cbf'd atm), so if you want to hear all about the inane happenings of our lives, then go ahead and follow us!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A hard workin' day at the studio

girls hard at work
Bee, Jac and Teegs hard at work

Today we were blessed with the company of the lovely Jacinta AKA JacRan! She kindly offered to lend a hand if we needed it, so we took her up on her offer in exchange for a yummy lunch and some fabric of her choice to take home. It was fun to have a visitor for the day and some help with folding & packing fabric for the show- thanks again Jacinta!!

Bee decided to document the day with some photos (something we always forget to do). Here's some more pics:

me cutting fabrics
Lara cutting charcoal birch (and trying not to get too much boob in the photo) (Teegs edit: haha, compared to the usual boob levels, mission accomplished!)

teegs prototyping my cushion tute
Teegs prototyping Lara's cushion kit instructions (with Teegs' boyfriend's dog Bella slinking around in the background) 

How about that? Two posts in one day. On both my blogs! A miracle.

A date with the dressmaker

a date with the dressmaker
Teegs having her winter coat toile fitted by designer Melanie Liertz

A few weeks ago Teegs and I were in the city doing some much needed wardrobe-updating which involved seeking out new boots and jackets to weather the impending, erratic Melbourne winter. It is indeed a well known fact that it is impossible to find the perfect winter jacket when you're looking for it, let alone one that's actually warm enough for cold frogs such as Teegs and myself (Teegs edit: Amen, brother).

Sooo, with Rudd Money on the way, we decided to put it to good use - when it comes to buying local there's nothing like getting a local independent designer to make you an 100% wool, fully lined, tailored jacket.

a date with the dressmaker
Teegs having her winter coat toile fitted by designer Melanie Liertz

Thus ensued a trip to the Nicholas Building to visit (Teegs edit: the very brilliant and spunky) Melanie Liertz, former studio mate of Mattt before he moved to Gertrude St. Teegs' jacket we are referring to as 'The Princess Jacket' as it's all pretty (Teegs edit: you mean 'elegant') and fitted, with lots of layers. Mine is more of a military-cross-duffel jacket but also nice and fitted (Teegs edit: it's totally awesome, and has a hood!).

Teegs edit: one more note on how bril Mel is - I suffer from Idiopathic Scoliosis and as a result, am completely twisty and unsymmetrical. For those of you who have ever made a shirt or anything with a bodice, you know its complicated enough making two sides that match - Mel has had to make every single panel independently, and has spent ages moving seams and adjustiung lengths so that when its on me, I look straight! Which is totally awesome for me, but has meant a ton of extra work of Mel - Thanks Mel!

a date with the dressmaker
My jacket slightly more advanced than Teegs', still trying to perfect the hood

Needless to say we're VERY excited about these (Teegs edit: Hells yes!!). It's the first winter that I'm actually looking forward to. (Teegs edit: Kinda.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All's Quiet

Though it's the calm before the storm. Since not much is happening atm I'll give you a quick run-down of happenings since the last post.

We sent our latest batch of fabric off to the heat setters on Thursday morning, then spent the rest of the day printing Birch, Ginkgo, Wrens and Seeds for Mattt - yay! Then, after a quick stop at the local booze-arium, we headed over to Matt's funky, new Gertrude St digs for a housewarming dinner Lara had promised we'd cook for him!

The deal was, Lara got him the new Jamie Oliver cookbook (she blogged about it's awesomeness), then Matt picks the recipe and buys the food, then we arrive and in a whirlwind of amazing cooking skills, prepare and cook the food, eat, then leave him with the dishes. Good deal, huh?

Oh, I forgot to mention that Matt did prepare desert - at our insistance, he melted some chocolate and cut up watermelon and strawberries... Some of you might have seen Bianca's Tweet about the choc dipped stawberries, those that didn't can probably guess it's content.

So that was Thursday. Friday morning saw me feeling a tad on the "tired" side, but both Bee & Larz were irritatingly perky. Of course. Anyway, Bee and I printed another stack of fabric for Knufflekid and that was the end of the week

Lara headed off for a lazy weekend down south-east somewhere... She gets back today so I'm sure we'll hear more about it tomoz. She was recharging her batteries before we thoroughly deplete them at the Brisvegas Stitches & Craft Show.

When I asked Bee what she did over the weekend she said, "eh, not much, let me think, shopping, bummin', more shopping, watching TV and generally being happy about going to the Netherlands." So, fishing for content, I asked her what she bought, "TV, food and a dress." *sigh* Sometimes it's like pulling teeth, people.

Anyways, I thought I would post some pics of Bella today - coz she's all big now, but it turns out I don't have the right usb cable so the pics are staying firmly on my camera for the time being. Sorry.

Ok, thats the first longish post I've managed to sneak in, in a while, so I'd better go prepare myself for some minor wrath. See ya!

xx Teegs

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Modish & Little Mary Moo

We've been a bit quiet on the blog, but things have definitely been happening in the studio.

Poor Teegs was sick for the last 2 weeks (Teegs Edit: I wasn't merely sick, the words "death" and "bed" spring to mind, so much so that when I crawled back to the studio for a meeting, dearest Bee - upon seeing me after the worst of it, I might add - exclaimed "OH my GOD!! You look TERRIBLE!!! I'm sorry but you DO!!" ...You're jealous of my loving friends... I can tell) so Lara & I have been printing madly to get everything ready for the Brisbane Stitches & Craft show. Thankfully, Teegs is up and running again (Teegs Edit: Hallelujah!!) and we have managed to complete everything on the printing list. We're super excited about our trip to Brisbane and can't wait to meet everyone up there. Thanks everyone for the accommodation offers... we got a little bit nervous about not finding anything so we booked ourselves into an apartment. Should be fun, the three of us on a girly trip! (Teegs Edit: Fun, yeah right! Bee forgot to mention that it's a 2 bedroom apartment, and there's 3 of us, so I'm putting it out there right now- dibs not sleeping on the couch! You two can rock, paper, scissors for the other bed :D )

Whilst blog surfing on my couch tonight I came across this on the Modish blog.

Picture from Modish and Little Mary Moo

Such lovely bags & purses, by Little Mary Moo!

Ooh and Little Mary Moo is in Brisbane... please come and visit us at the Stitches & Craft show :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We'll be taking a little break over the Easter weekend. All orders placed during this time will be posted on Thursday the 16th of April. Have a nice Easter!

Picture courtesy of Stpcallnmewalter