Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tane Furniture Design - Reloved Collection

Oooh we do get very excited when something like this turns up in our inbox.

Edna chair by Tane Furniture Design - featuring Ginkgo in Copper & Rust

A few months ago the very lovely Gary from Tane Furniture Design visited our studio to select fabrics for a new collection he has been working on - beautifully restored & reupholstered pieces of mid-century furniture. Gary designs furniture "with an emphasis on sustainability, through material choices, longevity, restoration and the dis-assembly of products." That's exactly what we like to hear!

Here are more gorgeous photos of the pieces Gary has restored using our fabrics. The Charlie chair has been sold already to a very happy customer, but Edna is still for sale :)

Edna chair by Tane Furniture Design - featuring Ginkgo in Copper & Rust

Edna chair by Tane Furniture Design - featuring Ginkgo in Copper & Rust

Charlie chair by Tane Furniture Design - featuring Wrens in Greylead

Charlie chair by Tane Furniture Design - featuring Wrens in Greylead

Charlie chair by Tane Furniture Design - featuring Wrens in Greylead

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Farewell Inklet SALE!

Trams & Bicycles Tee in Apple Jack (photograph by Rebekah Lyn)

It's time to say farewell to our beloved little Inklet label! It's a little bit sad, but not too sad because we're heading off to do new and exciting things. Dana, our co-conspirator and production-manager-extraordinaire is in the process of setting up a hair and make-up salon on Errol St in North Melbourne with her friend Poppy. How exciting is that! Dana's other brand Lady Day is growing in leaps and bounds, so this is such a fantastic move for her. And North Melbourne is such a great area to work and/or live. Congrats Dana & Poppy!

The sale is on in our shop right now for the next week or so. Once these items are gone they're gone for good! You'll still be able to find our range with select stockists around Melbourne but we are selling through all our studio/online shop stock. So head on over and snap up a little piece of organic, local and ethical cuteness before it's all gone :)

Trams & Bicycles Onesie in Jet Black

Pirates & Sea Creatures Tee in Almond

And lots more over here :)

xx Lara, Dana and Teegs

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

4th birthday thank you!

The print demo about to begin - photo by Terence Ong

Just a quick thank you to everyone who came to the studio last Saturday to help celebrate our 4th birthday!! Copious sandwiches and cupcakes were consumed and enjoyed by all - big thanks to those visitors who were roped into helping with our last minute sandwich making effort!

Also big thanks to the lovely Terence (and his gorgeous little family) for taking such lovely pics from the day - so nice to have these memories captured.

Smoothing out those wrinkles - photo by Terence Ong

Old faithful Birch screen ready for the first print - photo by Terence Ong

So many people in so little space - photo by Terence Ong

Claudia's Mr Nice Guy cupcake about to meet it's fate - photo by Terence Ong

Jump Arnaud, jump! - photo by Terence Ong

xx Lara & Teegs

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A case of mono

Monochrome, timber & mustard - experimenting with styling

Colour is everywhere right now. In all the stores and on all the blogs. And as much as we appreciate these splashes of brightness, Teegs and I still much prefer a bit of monochrome. Especially when it's coupled with warm timber tones and a bit of mustard! It's not very "summer" I know, but we love it all the same.

The other thing I've been enjoying is playing around with styling. I've always enjoyed photography and making nice interior spaces, but I've never actually tried to "style" a shoot. I have to say at this point: THIS IS NOT HOW MY HOME LOOKS AT ALL. You'd actually laugh if you could see what's behind the camera in this shot - all our usual living room furniture and things crammed up against the opposite wall, my house mates relegated to armchairs pushed into the corners to eat their dinner and read their books.

Monochrome, timber & mustard - experimenting with styling (circle shelf by Bride & Wolfe, rug by Armadillo & Co)

I had quite a lot of fun setting up this shoot, and can't wait to do it again! Of course, all the textiles in this shot are available in our shop, and you can buy the finished cushions if you don't feel like making them yourselves!

Birch in Black 45cm cushion

Blockprint in Black, meterage

Leuca & Ginkgo 45cm cushions

xx Lara.

Monday, October 8, 2012

4th Birthday & Open Studio - With Cupcakes!

Hey everyone, we are super excited to celebrate the fact that our baby (I&S) is turning 4! FOUR!!

We can hardly believe it's been 4 whole years since the very first 5m run of Robin's Egg Birch came off our printing table. Amazing how time flies.

So to help us celebrate, please come for tea & cupcakes this Saturday the 13th from 11am until 2pm at I&S HQ!

There will be the usual print demo, chats, fabric for sale, but this time with ADDED MR NICE GUY CUPCAKES!! Yay!

Hope to see you there!

xx L&T