Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Intern Tales: Gretta

We've had a lot of interest in our intern position lately & so we thought you guys might like to know a little bit about the lovely (for some reason always) girls that spend time learning new things with us here at I&S HQ.

Here's some words from Gretta on her final day with us - 'bye Gretta!

We'll miss you!
xx T

How did I, an Environmental Studies student from the United States, end up in the Ink & Spindle studio? A long journey! I’ve been in Australia since late August on a study abroad program. The focus is Sustainability and Environmental Action. Because it’s through an organization (The School for International Training) and not a university, my group was able to travel all around Australia. We did workshops about everything from sustainable agriculture to rainforest ecology to social change. What has stuck with me through the whole program is that sustainability can mean many things. Sustainability isn’t just about the environment; it’s about people and communities. Part of my program is a month-long independent study project (ISP). From the first week in Australia, we each had to develop a project- an internship, creative piece, or research-based project. When I heard “internship”, I instantly thought of Ink & Spindle! The only limits on my project were that it had to relate to sustainability (check!) and had to be in Australia (check!). My mom is an art quilter/fabric addict and had found Ink & Spindle on the blogosphere a few years back, so I was already a fan upon my arrival in Australia. When I approached Lara and Teegs about a possible internship, I was happy to find they were enthusiastic about the idea!

What has amazed me about Melbourne is the creative community. During my time with Ink & Spindle, I’ve had the opportunity to go to the Melbournalia opening, Markit@Fed Square, and meet all sorts of awesome-sauce Melbournians doing and making amazing things. Seeing all the collaborating that happens gives me hope for the future! I’ve been reflecting a lot on sustainable consumerism and whether or not it’s an oxymoron. While consumerism has caused immense damage in this world, it is also at the forefront of environmental change. It has the potential to be an easy way for people to lower their impact. Lara and Teegs have worked hard to produce textiles that are sustainable from beginning to end. By sourcing organic cotton, they aren’t buying to a toxic industry that has led to 250,000 farmer suicides in India. By using water based, solvent free inks, they aren’t putting themselves and others at risk. The quality means durability, so their products last. While people may care about the environment, it can be really difficult to live your life sustainably. I struggle with it all the time, and I study it! It is important for consumers to have more sustainable options. It is equally important for young people like me to see that running a sustainable business is viable. The supply side needs to grow, and the consumer base needs to use its voice.

Besides learning loads about sustainable business practices and textile design, I got to get to know Lara and Teegs and all the other wonderful people in and out of the studio. I had adventures in Melbourne, often as a result of my poor directional skills. I got very inspired by Melbourne’s architecture, especially the colors and designs around Fitzroy, where I was staying. The result: some lino block prints of windows, door, and fences, and a print run of stenciled fences! I’ve completed a “Prismatic” quilt top from Kathreen Ricketson’s book “Little Bits Quilting Bee” from the fabric I printed. I will complete the quilting upon my return to the United States in a few weeks.

Thanks to Teegs and Lara for an amazing experience! Melbs, I’m sure we’ll meet again!

Gretta's lino cuts, she made some lovely art prints from these &
developed the idea further to create the design & handcut stencil
which she printed as a two colour separation below!

Quilt top completed! Didn't Gretta do a wonderful job??

Monday, November 28, 2011

Leuca is in the shop!

Yay, Lara's new Leuca print is finally printed, photographed and up in the shop!

No prizes for guessing where we did the shoot

And big thanks to everyone who popped by our stall at MARKit yesterday - was great to see familiar and new faces alike. We had a great day and managed not to spend all of our takings on all the other gorgeous wares for sale - though we did have a good crack at it.

xx Lara & Teegs

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


manysquaremetres - studios and exhibition space, Kensington

There are some spaces in our building that have just been crying out for some love for many years now. One of those is a vast, light filled, loft space across a bridge at the end of our corridor, above the Crumpler HQ.

Needless to say we have been very excited to see this space being recently occupied and transformed, under the hands of the manysquaremetres crew - Bridget, Jules and Cassie - all landscape architects by day.

Fitting name huh?

manysquaremetres - currently exhibiting GradEx

The corflute stud walls are a really nice touch. The whole space embraces brightness and lightness and has a wonderful contrast of old and new textures.

... and so long as I can stretch their generosity, this space makes for a great photo studio for our product shots ;)

manysquaremetres - studios and exhibition space, Kensington

Love it. Welcome to the building, guys!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Markit @ Fed Square

It's on again! Yaysies!!

We *love* Markit, it doesn't get much more Melbourne than this.. no sir!

Located in the beautiful Federation Square Atrium, we get the whole day to hang out with a bunch of ace Melbs-based designers/friends (and some from further afield!) and of course meet, chat & laugh with you guys!

It's definitely one of our favourite aspects of having I&S.. the excitement of *actually leaving* the studio and interacting with people that aren't us!

Come visit us if you're in town - and bring chocolate ;)

xx Teegs

If you come along, please introduce yourself -

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bex's Duvet

Bex's Duvet

When you've got a Kiwi intern in the studio who keeps saying the word "duvet"... after a while it kind of sticks.

"Bex how's your duvet coming along... I mean doona... damn it!"

Bex has been working on this masterpiece for the last few months in between doing work for us. We all knew the result would be fantastic. And it was indeed. We just love the fact that she took a bunch of offcuts and scrap fabrics and turned them into something amazing.

Bex arranging pieces


Nice work Bex!! And thanks for being an awesome intern :)

P.S. - thanks again to manysquaremetres for the location!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 11:11:11 11/11/11 !

At Ink & Spindle we have a thing about 11:11. If we ever spot 11:11 on our phones it's always a race to text one another or a friend with a similar appreciation for the number before the time ticks over to 11:12.

Today though. Today is extra special. To show our appreciation we dragged our fellow Younghusband neighbours out onto the street for a tribute to this once in a lifetime moment in time - 11:11:11 11/11/11

Bex, Sass, Teegs, Gaby, Georgia & Joel

Being an 11 is just soooo tiring...

Hope you caught the moment!

xx Lara & Teegs

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New happenings...

Look who just arrived in the studio. He's new, attractive, has a lot of potential for awesomeness and is more than 6 foot tall. What more would a girl want?

'Leuca' by Lara Cameron

It's our new 'Leuca' screen of course. We can't wait to get this one on the printing table.
Much excitement.

'Leuca' - screen detail

Meanwhile, today we printed 20m of a gorgeous custom colourway for some curtains - our Large Birch print in Olive on our Hemp/Yak basecloth. LOVE it. Love how the texture of the Yak shows through the translucent ink. Looking forward to seeing this made up into curtains in a local Kensington home :)

Large Birch in Olive on Hemp/Yak

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Busy times here in the studio as we prep for lots of pre-xmas events! There's Melbournalia (launching this Thurs evening, come along!), The Design Files Open House, MARKit @ Fed Square, Mathilda's market and an Open Studio here at the I&S HQ all before the end of the year. Hang on a second, didn't we decide to do LESS markets this year? Hah!

To keep things interesting we decided to launch a couple of new kits! Here's a sneak peek:

Exciting! Will let you know when they're up in the shop!

x Lara.

P.S. - Thanks to Manysquaremetres for the location!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Melbournalia Fancy Goods & Postal Service

As if that's not the coolest name ever :)

Check out this fabulous new pop-up shop happening in a few locations around the city in the lead up to Christmas - we've got some cute new kits & also some pretty cool, very Melbourne, new Inklet colourways!


Come along because it's ALSO MY BIRTHDAY! Have a drink with me :)

xx Teegs