Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Orlando and Ivy

Check out the gorgeousness of the new Orlando and Ivy shop in North Melbourne!! The very awesome owner, Ming-Zhu contacted us a few weeks ago looking to stock some of our wares in her gorgeous store. Teegs and I took the opportunity to deliver them by hand so we could check it out the shop in person!

The Orlando & Ivy Shop - note the three missing pantone mugs *chuckle*

The shop is just beautiful, and kitted out with a lot of unique wares of the likes that I haven't seen everywhere else around Melbourne. Ming-Zhu definitely has a knack for sourcing something a bit different.

The Orlando & Ivy Shop

The Orlando & Ivy Shop -gorgeous front window

The Orlando & Ivy Shop - Ming-Zhu packing our purchases

The Orlando & Ivy Shop

Pantone mugs! Have always wanted some of these and MZ had a great selection of colours


11am ~ 6.30pm
Monday ~ Friday
10am ~ 4pm Saturday

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Martha Stewart's Craft Department!

How honoured were we to be asked by the lovely Steph to guest post on Martha's website?! Umm, about a 10!

(er... Martha probably has no idea who we are, but I'm claiming first name basis privileges anyway ;-D )

(We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!)

Anyhoo, after much hilarious, cross-cultural, Vegemite-related shenanigans with Steph, we put together Our Favourite Apron as a tutorial with a kit you can buy from our online shop!

Head on over to Martha's Craft Department to make your very own!

xx Teegs

p.s. side note - OMG there's a picture on me on Martha Stewart's website, people!!! :-D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's sale time again!

Hey guess what?? It's time for another little sale!


Over at the Ink & Spindle HQ we're busy trying to consolidate our range so we've got space in our heads and on our shelves for some NEW stuff. And as a result, we're discontinuing a few more colourways (not the designs! just the colourways!) and focussing on printing just the ones we love most.

So hop over to the sale part of our shop and grab something before it's gone foreeeeeeever!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some pics from our inbox!

We do love seeing our textiles actually used (yes, I'm talking to all you naughty stashers out there)! Check out some of the amazing things that people have been making :)

Lookin' awesome, ladies!

Maggie & Sparrow Quilt
A really beautiful quilt made by Kathryn of Maggie & Sparrow

Patchwork Ottoman
This amazing Ottoman made by Andi - check out the cushions too

Ginkgo Blinds
Ginkgo blinds made by Diana

Shelf Life - Kiddies Corner
The kiddies corner at the wonderful Shelf / Life store

Teatowels Stitches & Craft Class
And finally, Annabel's creations from the Stitches & Craft Stencil Printing class

xx Teegs

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Younghusband Love - Photoshoot!!

As I'm sure you are well aware by now, we're more than just a little in love with the magnificent old Younghusband Wool Store building that houses our little studio. We only take up a little corner & lucky for us we have lots of fabulous, genius neighbours to collaborate with!

This installment of Younghusband Love, is dedicated to the delightful, amazing, photographer-extraordinaire, Chris Middleton of Thirty Thirtyone.

Check out his skillz:

Lara and Teegs
Lara & Teegs

In the studio
Studio through to office

Bolts of fabric

In the studio - Apron
Dirty work, but someone's gotta do it...

In the studio - Ginkgo Screen
Ginkgo screen

Lara, Teegs & Lou
Lara, Teegs & our lovely assistant, Lou!

How amazing is he?! You can see more photo's by the talented man on our flickr page, you can get in touch with him here.

Thank you, Chris!! You're so awesome :)

xx Teegs

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dusty Pink Birch chair

Dusty Pink Birch chair
Lisa's Dusty Pink Birch chair

Oooooh, look at this piece of gorgeousness that Lisa from Duckcloth had reupholstered! Take one $3.50 ebay chair plus some Dusty Pink Birch and voila. A chair for her baby daughter's room.

Dusty Pink Birch chair
Lisa's Dusty Pink Birch chair

I looooove seeing our fabrics used for upholstery purposes. Which is why we're working on a new upholstery/heavy weight range. Oooooooh!

The Dusty Pink Birch fabric is currently available exclusively from Duckcloth.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Open Studio this Saturday 5th!

I know, I know. We fail at blogging about our Open Studio events more than a couple of days before they happen. But we have a sexy new poster, so are we forgiven?

open studio poster

We have the very lovely Chris Middleton from Studio Thirty Thirtyone to thank for this photo along with whole bunch of other shots he took for us last week (more on that soon!). Our building is definitely filled with the most generous and talented peeps.

Hope to see you this Saturday!!