Monday, October 6, 2008

Table complete!

Table says 'give me something to print now!!'

Posts have been few and far between over here at the Ink & Spindle blog! But there have been plenty of happenings, not least of which would be the completion of our printing table!

Our 'stops' - this is what happens when you get talented and dedicated people to make things for you - they add cute little details like stamped branding!

I have this running joke with a few people who have been asking "how long till you're up and running?" and I say "about two weeks". And then the same conversation happens two weeks later. And then two weeks later again.

But I can proudly say that we're really on the cusp of starting up now! In fact, if all goes smoothly today we'll do our first test print run tonight.

We'll be focussing on printing our own designs initially, until we've ironed out all the kinks. After that point we'll be able to start printing for other people. A website with pricelists and all details will be available soon :)


Kelly said...

Awesome! You guys are a real inspiration to me. I'm in the very early stages of a creative business and it's so great to see some other ladies pursuing their creative dreams! Can't wait to order some fabric!

Like Butter said...

couldn't resist a little stamping... :)

Teegs said...

We heart Like Butter!! :)

Vanessa said...

When I shot a documentary on the Navajo nation last year, "2 weeks" was the go-to response for when anything would get done. It must be a universal sense of time scale :)