Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blue and green should always be seen

Sunday was another super productive day in the studio. We can't lament the loss of our weekends too much given this is really quite a lot of fun:

Bianca's new Seeds print, in a lovely 'green tea' colour.

Tegan's Briar print in a really lovely soft green colour which she will be making into shirts! (and also selling in her shop in a couple of weeks)

A calico toile of Teegs' new wrap skirt design


Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

Sheesh aren't you a talented bunch of girls! I wish I had Tegan's patience with a sewing machine...

It's very exciting to see everything coming together for you!

Heids said...

Teegs, I wish you would hurry up with getting your shop happening!!! Not that I am impatient or anything! Also have you thought about MadeIt for us Aussie buyers?

Jacqueline said...

I want one!!! And yes, please, can you consider MadeIt as Etsy is a killer with our dollar so low.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, guys! It's taking so long for a couple of reasons: 1) I'm still being a teacher 4 days a week til December 18th 2) my husband insists on dragging me home for food and sleep, which seriously eats in to my studio time; and 3) the fabric needs to be sent off to be heat set before I can let you have it!
It should be back and ready to post off about nov 10th, if you can wait til then? Sorry, again!! I'm doing my best :)
(should I add a number 4? - there are just not enough hours in the day!!)
Btw I'm open to colour requests for my next run- let me know what colours your interested in and I'll try to accomodate.
Also I'll look in to MadeIt, thanks for the heads up on that one :)

- Teegs

Heids said...

I know the wait will be worth it!

Oooh - the opportunity to suggest colours...now that really is enticing...I think the briar print would look stunning in a deep rich raspberry or even a dark blackberry colour.

Also, I know you girls are just starting out in the screen printing business and I don't know how hard it is but I love the idea of some graduating (sp?) colours ie from light to dark - check out some of the Tiwi Island screen printed fabric (if you can't find it on line let me know I can e-mail you some pics of some fabric I have in my stash).

Teegs said...

Heids, that's actually quite freaky - we received your comment after we had just prepped a run to do in graduating colours... seriously that's weird. Great minds, huh? Check back tomorrow, one of the girls will post it for me - Briar in Sunset! Hope you like!
I'm heading to Perth for 10 days tomorrow so I'll be out of action for a while!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your designs, you are so talented:)
I have a little question: such amount of printed fabric must be difficult to cure, do you have a conveyor dryer or how do you cure the ink?

Kylie said...

hi tegan, where do we buy the pattern for your gorgeous skirt?