Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pirates are awesome!

Well, they are!
There is an explanation: I found some ace skull and crossbones fabric a little while back, and so I designed a shirt pattern to make it in to (named the Pirate Shirt), though of course I decided to make it in calico first - just in case I'd completely stuffed up my measurements (entirely possible), but yay, it turned out ok!!
Here it is...

The Pirate Shirt, featuring a yoke panel of Lara's Acacia in Plum, with matching buttons.
** thanks to all for the great responses, both verbal and via the internets!
Have had a some questions regarding purchase - I will be making this shirt (along with other items, as they come to life) available in the near future, but I'm not quite ready yet!! Will keep you posted tho :)


Amy Badskirt said...

Wow! That shirt looks great with just the right splash of pattern! I love it.

Melissa G said...

Yeah! I agree with you on that point. Since as a child I have had a romanticised notion about the grande olde pirates of the seas because of the movies and the Monkey Island computer games.

The shirt you designed is sweet. I especially like the little puffy sleeves.

Anonymous said...

I love this shirt! Looking forward to some new creations too... Great work girls! Keep it up