Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday in the studio

Today we had an action packed day in the studio, with Teegs' and Bee's screens arriving this morning, just in time for our 'printing day'.

First up, Teegs' Briar design in full repeat! (previously seen here as a placement print):

Printing Teegs' 'Briar' design - this was so easy and satisfying to print

More printing...

Printing Bee's Bloem design in a lovely charcoal on natural - we love how this turned out.

Bloem in Charcoal on natural cotton/linen

[update] both these prints will be available for purchase once they've been heat set. Teegs is in the process of setting up an etsy shop :)

Lara's new placement print (love the oldschool frame with fresh mesh and artwork)

Teegs' finished 'World Tree' cushion complete with piping


Simmone said...

Teegs, the fabric is just stunning, way to go!

Unknown said...

I love Tegan's blue print, very very beautiful and I'm glad to hear an Etsy shop is opening soon!

Heids said...

Teegs - sooooo can't wait 'til you get your etsy shop set up I am hanging out for some of the Briar print.
Bee - Love the Bloem...can't wait til its heat set...if I get my self some of that I will have something from each of you gals from Ink & Spindle.

Congrats again girls, I am in awe and envy!!!

Jacqueline said...

Can't wait for that etsy shop Teegs! Boy you can sew too - some people!

Tanya said...

LOVE the bloem in charcoal...Simple yet Stunning...This one is my favorite print from hollabee so far:)
Waiting to see the Seeds...:)

p.S-Do you do the heat setting in house as well?or do you out source that bit?

Michelle said...

Beautiful! All of them!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you think Ink & Spindle will have a shop that's not based in US dollars? Or a fixed AUD option for local buyers? I'm not buying much on etsy now due to the currency fluctuations. Things that were well priced when the Aussie dollar was doing well are about 30% more expensive than a few months ago, at least for Aussies.

Great work by the way. You're all very inspirational!

Lara said...

Thanks everyone for the fantastic comments, so glad you like the new prints!

Anon - currently myself, Bianca and Tegan sell our fabric individually through our own shops. Mine at (in AUD), Bianca's at

Tegan will have an etsy shop too.

The dollar fluctuations are a hassle I know, but if the shop owners are on the ball they should be adjusting their prices often to compensate, so it stays the same for local buyers.

When we eventually have a combined shop we'll make sure it's in AUD.

Anonymous said...

I really like those navy and white color combinations :)

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE what you guys have been doing. I have been following your blog for some time and I would love to come sit in the corner and watch some day. Too bad I live in NJ. Anyway, your prints are delicious and I will be keeping my eyes out on Etsy. You will be in my favorites there for sure!

Camilla said...

This is fabulous to see in action! And satisfying to know its being done on home soil!