Tuesday, October 21, 2008


While we wait for our next 3 exposed screens to be delivered (hopefully this Friday) we continue to practice our printing technique using the Birch and Acacia screens and come across new hurdles and discoveries almost daily.
Basically, we're getting to know the quirks of our lovely table.
Below are a couple of pics from the latest dabble in placement printing. It's a two colour stencil that I made without registration, so some prints worked well, and others really did not! That's half the fun tho, each print is different!
Overall, pretty happy with them.

World Tree blue with black, single print.

World Tree blue with black, mock repeat.

** BTW, Happy Birthday, Bianca!


Bianca said...

Thanks Teegs :)

Jacqueline said...

I like this design too! Keep going!! It might be nice with a lighter colour for contrast?

Teegs said...

You're welcome, B!

Thanks, Chooks!
We have experimented with a few variations, including some lighter on dark. Though we've destroyed the screen now, so until we make another one, that's gonna be it for now! :)