Saturday, June 20, 2009

New & improved online shop!!!

Geez sometimes it feels like we're creating a new online shop for Ink & Spindle every few months. But this is the last time I promise!

Let me introduce - The New and Totally Improved Ink & Spindle shop!

new shop for Ink & Spindle
New Ink & Spindle shop - looks the same, but magic hides beneath

The old shop software was slow, clunky and unreliable. We had this constant problem where orders wouldn't process properly and stock wouldn't deplete. This version is SO MUCH BETTER.

There's only one downside, and it's actually an upside too depending on your point of view. There's no customer account/login. So every time you buy something you need to enter your address again. But that said, I often find having to create an account REALLY ANNOYING so I think this is better for new customers. And existing customers - we just hope you love us enough anyway ;)

new shop for Ink & Spindle - simple ordering screen
New Ink & Spindle shop - ├╝ber simple order screen

Oh, and as part of the launch - some new prints! Wrens in a range of new colourways, and Rooftops finally in the shop!

wrens in deep red on natural
Wrens in Deep Red on Natural

wrens in white on natural
Wrens in Snow on Natural

rooftops in deep red
Rooftops in Deep Red on Organic Cotton/Hemp

rooftops in snow
Rooftops in Snow on Natural


ellie said...

Isn't all that silly web set-up stuff so annoying. It should just work for itself, and not have to keep fixing or changing it. Hope this one is a better version, and makes things more streamlined.
I'm so happy that you're using hemp fabric - love to see it!

marceline said...

Oh wow, you used my Prettify theme as the base for your shop! That makes me so happy as I'm a huge fan of all of your fabrics and I designed it thinking of folks like you.

Anyway, it looks amazing and I'm off to add a link to the Prettify example shop. Lots of tips there too for making little improvements.

Heids said...

Like the new shop - I am a fan of no account 'cause I could never remember my login details anyway! But I am VERY sad I missed out on the rooftops in red...hope you print some more...

Tom said...

nerdy questions -- what is the new shop software you are using?

Tania said...

I'm coming by with my eyes half closed since I have so spent my Ink & Spindle quota for June. Lovely to meet you and Teegan at Nikki's yesterday... no more rooftops in red, huh?

Rocky said...

I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

Swidel said...

Great blog, great shop, wonderful products!!! I love them! Do you ship to Germany?