Friday, June 5, 2009

Amidst the busy..

You'll find some pretty!

Here's the result of the placement printing which Sam and I did during the Open Studio last weekend, a lovely wool felt and linen scarf for dear Cousin Nathan's birthday! Only two months late, but hey, it's handmade.

Scarf modeled by the spunkiest man in the entire Younghusband Wool Store building, the very wonderful (and very tolerant) Jem of LikeButter!

Jem with scarf
Jem. You could be a part time model! Heheh!

You can see why we love the LikeButter crew so damn much - aside from building all our stuff (see tree behind) dear Jem allows us to accost him with the occasional odd modeling demand! Though he never stays for a cup of tea... can't imagine why..?

If you can tear your eyes away from the thing of beauty above (the scarf, people) we thought you might like to see what happened next...

After a few people thinking that perhaps they'd like one for themselves, it got us thinking that maybe we could whip some more scarves up for the Melbourne Design Market! So I headed off to Park Orchards to pay a visit to our dear friend Winterwood and pick us up some fancy-pants, Italian felt. After eventually choosing the colours, we came home to I&S HQ and began doing some placement prints.

printing placements
Mid print run of the first colour


half made scarves
All cut in to lovely scarf sized lengths, now ready for colour 2!

That's all so far, I'm actually procrastinating doing the next batch of printing by writing this post. But I just had to show you Jem- er, I mean the finished scarf! ;) Just kidding, Jem!!

One last one to see what the other two lovely ladies are up to today:

wrapping soaps and making cushions
Larz is on cushion making duty, Bee wrapping handmade soaps (no, not handmade by us)

P.S. massive thanks to everyone who's commented on the giveaway post - so far the most popular suggestions are MORE GREEN PLEASE and SMALL GEOMETRIC DESIGNS. Keep 'em coming folks!

xx t


Lara said...

*right click* set as desktop wallpaper...

Bianca said...

explanation of 'part time model': it was playing when Jem came in ;) lol!

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

You gals are such dags :-) I can see your eyelashes fluttering at him from here!!

Anonymous said...

Jem could spend part of his time modelling, and part of his time... next to me

Teegs said...

Haha, it's all in good fun!
I'd just like to take this opportunity to say hi to Jem's lovely partner Laura! ;)

Like Butter said...

cheeky buggers the lot of you. next time i will stay for tea, promise.

Jodie said...

awesome scarf work girls - brilliant! Now leave that nice young man alone and get back to work!

Rabbit and the Duck said...

I can't imagine how you get any work done with that spunk in the building ; )

Glenda said...

nice prints =) i love the scarf in the first pic.

Jacinta said...

I want Bee's cardi! It is gorgeous! The scarves are an awesome idea. But sorry, I'll have to take me own hubby anyday. ;)

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for giving me both inspiration and a giggle on a cold wet afternoon!