Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GIVEAWAY?? About freakin' time!

Ok, so we're not exactly known for our frequent blogging, but that's mainly due to the fact that we have a business and there's heaps of other crap that goes in to getting fabulous fabrics to you, and it's almost ALL boring as bat doodies. I think so anyway....

Oh, sweet jellybeans, I've gone off on a tangent already.

Let's start again.

You like free stuff right? We do. So we thought we'd give you some stuff, even if it's not entirely free. Woots, anyway!

We're gonna give you a whole bunch of gorgeous handprinted fabrics! (*gasp* Wow! What a surprise!) Some you will know, some you won't... ooooh tantalising... some are so brand spankin' they're not even back from the heat setters yet!

Ok, so the dealio is:

*Leave a comment - tell us what you would like us to print. Colours, new designs, fabrics... whatever! But BE SPECIFIC! We plan on exploiting you guys as market research, so make with the detail.

NB: No praise or flattery will be allowed. Only good, solid constructive criticism. Or something.

We'll do the random draw on Wednesday the 17th June at 10am, our time. That's two whole weeks to think about what you would like to see and write something really useful!

That is all.

xx T


Lisa said...

I'd like to see more white on the natural cotton/linen blend, dandelions perhaps....

Anonymous said...

I'd love the Birch print in white on mid-grey and vice versa!
And I'd loooove a Mattt bag with Acacia in charcoal on mid-grey!
Can you tell I'm a bit of a grey girl :)

Kate said...

I'm a sucker for green - olivey perhaps - and pears - you can't go wrong with pear shapes - perhaps the cross section of a pear? Maybe play around and get other shapes happening?

AJMC said...

I guess you mean the 17th of June is the deadline - although I would like my birthday to happen again if I just dreamt the one on the 27th May...
I like repeated shapes on top of one another - spots on a grid of circles, or large and small meshy rectangles in light and dark shades of the one colour, or complementary colours. I think I can drawn what I mean rather than describe them.
Def on the cotton/linen fabric too.
Keep doing what you're (so obviously good at)doing!

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

Hmmm... I have many ideas. But I'm not cheap, you know. I think every gorgeous person who enters this should be given an entry per idea. Tango, Monsieur, Coco, Manhattan, Gin Gin and Sharon think so too :-) Anyway, here's my list:

-MORE PURPLE. In everything. All the time. Always. Except... marshmallows :-)

- I love, love, love trees. If you had ten different types of tree prints I'd buy them all.

- I definitely like your prints on the linen 100% more than the prints on white. But then, I'm a linen addict, so that's not saying much.

- Ladybirds are just darling... if darling's what your going for :-)

- I quite like shapes. Circles, squares, you name it and I like to see it repeated in different ways.

- Leaves rock my world. They're versatile in that you can use them for homewares, accessories and clothes.

- I have a penchant for mushrooms- you know, the types fairies live under? Yum.

- Brown's a rocking colour. Nice, neutral, natural. Alliteration also
helps it sound sexy :-)

- Am I getting paid for these ideas? I think at least $5 a pop sounds good. Or some food.

- Bamboo! Dear lord, do I love bamboo. I would love to see it as a print.

- Birds are also great. Although I don't think you can top a wren.

- Typography is quite appealing when done right. It's also quite versatile.

- I hate paisley. Again, it's just me :-)

- Aussie wildlife is a bit gorgeous! It would also be unique and 'Australian'.

Ok, I'm out.

Oh, and random drawing sucks. Judge by talent, damnit!

I hope Bella's ok :-( Poor pup!

:-) xxxxxx

Jacqui said...

A couple ideas - I'd like some very small scale, densely printed fabrics - more along the lines of your antique keys but even smaller and maybe geometric. You guys do great large-scale prints but it would be nice to have smaller ones to balance them out.

Softer colours both in the patterns and the background fabric - some greens, blues - more 'organic' rather than stylised. More plants. Maybe some animals?

What about lighter, more drapey fabrics? Summer's only a...lot of months away! :)

Leah said...

More birds - and I'd like some colour on white. Maybe red?

Melissa G said...

Cherry prints always go down quite well.
Also I think stripes that incorporate an organic leafy look. See this link for what I mean...
And personally I think you can never go wrong with pink (well almost never) - maybe do something like this...

Purple Paisley Patch said...

This is just a quick comment to say "Yay - you gals live! Good to see you!"
I'll come back once I've had a good hard think about what constructive feedback to offer, but of course it will include MORE PURPLE, which Sandra @ Pepperberry has already suggested, so I'm not the only one with a purple fetish. See you again soon! Kelly :-)

Amy Badskirt said...

I'd like more greens particular sprout or celery. Also more of the blue whose name was fought over.

As for patterns, I really dig number typography. Birds, deer and babuskas seem to have run their course, so I'd avoid that bandwagon in the future. I'm likely alone in this one, but I'm after a vintage toy print with wagons and pedal cars but simple and stylized for interior design.

One more that I'd like is a bamboo, but more stylized and not in traditional bamboo green. I'd like to see a sort of funky take on it. And more houses are always great!

Leonie Guld said...

It would be great to see more color, brighter reds, blues and greens. I would also love a sturdy black on linen. I have difficulty with the narrow width, is it possible for you to produce wider units. If you want feedback, I have a hell of a time working out the dimensions of your fabric, thats why I get it from kelani, the way elissa has worked it out, it seems less of a brain strain. Thanks for the freebies, I would love to make some pants.

Me and My 4 Fellas said...

I would first like to say SANDRA, that is an amazing post.
I would have to say that I would like to see pinks and browns...I am a massive fan of these colours and they are sooo hard to find...


Unknown said...

Ok, what I would really love is something that uses cats - not cutesy country style smiling cats, but elegant, aloof cat silhouettes. Probably just black on natural.
I also love the shape of pussy willow - the plant that is. and that has nothing to do with my request for a cat print. I think it would look great in your teal or red.
finally I think it would be great to see a lovely dull purple, sort of aubergine, on a grey or natural background.
that's all for now! thank you for your wonderful designs.

Charm said...

I love your teal prints and the birch is always wonderful but I would love to see a more ocean inspired print or something a bit more mod/60's/retro.

Unknown said...

thick fabrics with texture and natural colours i.e. creams and mints greens ... and simple prints like little bird outlines, cute animals are just gorgeous and make great fabric for making bags etc ... birds and deers !!! hope i win

Jacqueline said...

Hmmm...this is going to be difficult. OK...more two colour prints - I love them. I'm dying for something that is straight out primary-colour, bright & sunny yellow. I would like upholstery weight versions of some of your beautiful prints. Is it possible to print solid colours or would the fabric really just need to be dyed? 'cause I think it would be good to have some solids to match with the prints.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

I love prints on natural coloured linen/cotton. I love the bird silhouettes and the bonsai trees. The houses are also a favourite.

Perhaps more botanical silhouettes - banksias, kangaroo paw?

Jacqueline said...

Hey, I just had another idea! As I clicked out of the comments and went back to your blog, I saw the pic of you three and behind you are the blocks of colours you print on the wall and I thought: I'd love fabric like that! It answers some of the other requests: it looks a bit retro 'cause the blocks aren't geometric and are different sizes and I remember when I was picking the colours for my ginko print there were several I liked. So...sort of colour swatchy is what I'm thinking. Oh well - I'd like it!!

PretaPawte said...

I like anything in that inky dark blue. oh and a bird or a chicken is always good

Jodie said...

You are going to wish you never asked !!

Hills hoists
old school dial telephones
text of any sort
postage stamp seals
clocks - man I love clocks !

You guys don't need to enter me , I am just intrigued with everyones answers.

Fer said...

Woohoo, a giveaway! I love the natural linens and linen blends. I'm also getting into a bit of orange these days, deep rich oranges. Mmmm, yum-o....

Melanie said...

Greens, greens, and more greens.
And other natural colours. Yum.

I'd also love to see a handwriting/text-y print, but Jodie already said that, so it's not original. I prefer nature-based designs to the more geometric variety. Would love an oak leaf/acorn print.

Lisa said...

I would jump at the chance to buy some fabric with vintage toys such as robots, cars, blocks especially aimed at little boys featuring olive and chocolate as the primary colours. Yum.

molly | said...

I'm always a sucker for birds. And anything with leaves or branches. I love yellow right now. And dark fabric with the print in white.
I also love little simple house silhouettes.

Your fabrics are beautiful and this is a fun giveaway!! thank you!

Sam said...

More yellows and greens please! Also, smaller detail in the print would be great. (That way you could get away with using smaller amounts in projects and making the fabric go further!).

zofia said...

A gum leaf pattern, in a beautiful gum green on linen would be beautiful!
I really like the light prints on dark grounds.
Greens, reds, bush colours.
Maybe an abstract using 2-3 bright colours with blending. This could be getting too expensive, but just a thought...

Emily said...

I would like more green, i always fall into having a ton of green fabrics but that is what i love and i also like trees as imagery so i guess the most specific i can be is by saying i like green trees.

Ursula said...

colors: natural linen, white, soft browns, greys, orangy-red. tangerine, navy blue, and a dash of pale aqua. Maybe not all together, but part of a collection. I like to see the same pattern both in a soft colorway and in a bold colorway. (I am so envious of this part of your jobs!)

images: antique lace/doily pattern, but with a modern look (you'd have to figure out how to make that happen!), ferns, ropes and knots, silhouettes of dishes (vases, pitchers, bowls).

and for me, I am over patterns of: birds, deer, owls, baroque patterns

Lauren said...

I'd love to see some turquoise and red combination prints. Maybe something floral with a late 50's vintage-y feel. I liked the first suggestion of dandelions also.

I'd also love to see something with a zippy kelly green- maybe a fern print?

I also love the idea of using bamboo fabric. It would be a huge draw for me!

Rachael said...

i would love to see some peonies in avocado & chartreuse colors on natural cotton or linen. I am currently loving the very organic earthy quality of the colors and textures. maybe some metallic gold detailing?

Quilted Librarian said...

I'd love small scale black on white: typography, organic drawing lines, little insects.

Dara said...

I would adore anything done on a mustard or chartreuse. Also I have been thinking for quite a while (and am most happy to have this forum to air my mind out) that some large scale clouds on a pale greyish blue linen fabric would be most lovely. Last thing - I would love to see your guys take on some basics like stripes or dots in your own special way. I think girls you would rock that.

Jacinta said...

Hey hey hey, did someone say giveaway? :D
I'd personally love designs that were on a smaller scale as I want to incorporate them into clothing.
Prints on fabric OTHER than white would be good too. Perhaps red, purple, tan/brown, pink, grey. And on fabrics that are softer perhaps (for clothing!)
Softer colours for the prints would be great.... some pastels.
I think there should be designs that don't have an obvious "up" side.. whatever way you're looking at it you can see what it is... gives it better versatilaty for projects.
I think there should be other designs that aren't so "cutesy" - I love them too but branching out to try something different (perhaps like geometric/retro/stripes etc) will probably give them more uses for the customers and appeal to more too.

Thanks girls! xo

kate said...

I'm not the first to say it, but I'll add my two cents - I reckon:

~ greens
~ natural colours / fabrics, and
~ geometric patterns

Keep it up!

Ink and Spindle said...

Wow!! Who are all you people? Have you been reading this here blog the whole time?? Ok some of you we know, but.. Wow!

Ok I just felt the need to say that it's ok to repeat what someone else has said already- it's market reseach, remember? We'll tally up your results and do the ones with the most votes. Probably.

Interesting that we have a few new designs coming out shortly that fit in with some of your requests...

Thanks guys, your feedback it fab, and keep it up!

xx teegs

Michelle said...

I love the natural base cloth with either browns, greys, red, mustard, greens...I could go on forever!
Lara, I love the rain drop fabric you did ages ago. I'd be over the moon if that one came back!!
As for prints, I dig detailed prints like the bikes and houses, also raindrops (of course), getting a bit over birds and leaves (they're everywhere - but are still amazing). I agree some more smaller scale prints would be good too. xxx

Rachel said...

I think you should have different color palettes that come out in twice a year. It would be fun to look forward to the NEW colors.

gret said...

Hi girls, i'd love to see some more delicate prints in white, dusty shades of light or dark colours (greens are ace, blues, olives, basically gentle and comfortable colours) with tiny flowers like dandelions, or even other flowers that are small and soft. I would LOVE that and am on the lookout for something like that right now.

JoeyNomad said...

I would like to see the colours you use match the seasons a little more - at the moment, I'd love to see some of the designs in a lovely autumn red and lovely deep browns and in the summer some fresh greens and yellows (the lovely yellow you're already using IS lovely). Also the new houses and bicycle print would be lovely in white against blue background. Also I pretty please want the autumn leaves fabric to be reintroduced because it's lovely. And everyone loves leaves! Now i've rambled!

Tanya said...

ooo...a giveaway:)
What I'd like to see :
Maybe modern toile,geometrics,spots,stripes,to co-ordinate with some of your existing prints-could work well as a mix pack.
In terms of colour,it would be great to see fresh pastels,ocean colours,maybe prints on different coloured basecloths?instead of black/white and cream.
Hope thats constructive enough:)

Penny said...

ooh la la! okay.

i generally use quite small pieces of fabric at a time, say around 22cm x 12cm. so, i like the patterns to be fairly small.

i didn't love the light cotton poplin you guys used for a little while.
i love the heavier fabrics, ESPECIALLY the linen :)

LOVE ginkgo and blue wrens, don't mind which colour. my faves are: ginkgo in snow, and blue wrens in brown. more of this!!

colours: pale mint green on natural linen, and the blue you guys couldn't agree on the name of on cream, also brown, yellow & cream.

bring back wild geese!

more organic fabric please :)

i love the fabrics where the design & the repeat are a bit more random, which means it is easier to use every bit of fabric (i hate fussy cutting). eg blue wrens. i also want to say again i like small scale.

i would like the following fabrics designed & printed:
-a nice cheery floral with random placement,
-something with owls,
-something with birds nests,
-possibly dragonflies (i'm a bit of a maybe on that),
-i totally agree with white dandelions,
-something with cyclamen (like, the flower, as opposed to some cycling superhero),
-buttons, needles & thread (for the sewers),
-something with wildflowers like in france or italy,
-underwater with seahorses & little bubbles,
(none of these should be cutesy, they should be really beautiful and make you sigh).

sorry it's so long! xx penny

Bec Clarke said...

Oh so many ideas but I will just give one:
A nice green on the natural linnen, not too dark and not too light.

Heids said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I would love Lars to bring back her flying geese...

Other ideas, which are mostly repeats of what others have said, but Teegs you said that's okay, so here goes:

I agree - elegant/aloof cats - by trees or houses maybe

ramshakle houses

dandelions - I know there are a few prints out there - but I would love to see you gals' take on them

vintage floral (like the one Lars has already designed - but not yet printed)


Maybe a lace style print (in keeping with your current obsession Teegs!) on a voile in lovely soft romantic colours

silohette (sorry, I have forgotten how to spell!!)-panels, rather than a repeat. I am thinking Jan Pienowski (again can't spell) stlye in his Christmas book


washing on the line

a city scape

As for colouors - I love red, lime green, aqua, orange. I love white on natural

And fabric - love the linen. LOVE hemp.

Can't wait to see the batch you are currently having heat set... even though I haven't touched my machine in eons, what with study, buying a house, working looking after Miss Grace, adopting a new dog things are pretty hectic and I still have quite a stash of fabric from you gals, but a girl can never have too much, right??

Paper Tiger said...

I love the color-on-color stuff and would like to see more of that. I also loved the little houses print that was around a while ago...

Kate said...

I have a thing for pink and green, specifically apple green and deep pink almost fuschia. I also love butterflies, not airy fairy ones, but solid more child like, block printed ones and block printing in general.
Love the linen fabrics you have been using, not so much the white ones. Love, love the gingko - can hardly bear to cut into it.

Claudia/Ompompali said...

Wow! A giveaway! Sounds like Christmas, Easter and birthday celebration all together!
Flowers, trees and birds is nothing new to you, but is a l w a y s beautiful!
I love handwriting and words on fabrics!
And "things"! Like your keys. All kinds of things! Take bicycles, cars, glasses, spades, measuring tapes, buckets, scissors, nails - whatever!

Erin Whitney said...

I love Lisa's suggestion of white on natural - maybe Queen Anne's Lace? (I don't know if you guys have that there:

I think irregular patterns are rather lovely, some denser spots with lots of space in between.




onlinelesley said...

Aubergine on natural linen or white on aubergine! I love your wrens in teal, wrens are my all time favourite birds. You couldn't do enough birds!I just have another suggestion. I would love to see more of your fabrics made into clothing items. I think that I would love to buy some of your fabrics to make some interesting skirts, but am not sure how to do them justice. Need some help to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ummm... I'd love to see a 'bat doodies' print............

If that's not possible, it'd be fantastic to see more architectural-inspired prints. I absolutely love Lara's various 'House's' prints, it'd be awesome if you guys take that to another level with more density, detail and colour. Looking forward to seeing the new stuff you come up with!

roisin said...

what about printing more in olive green? or any green? i'm quite partial to them, and they aren't a frequent thing in your shop.

* I just noticed that Kate said the same thing!

Sarah said...

I keep hoping to see your house print show up. And maybe that antique keys print in more colorways.
This reminds me to buy enough Ginko to reupholster my entire house. Mmm...

Anonymous said...

okay, so i'll put my two cents in {even though there have been so many amazing ideas so far...}
* i love the acacia, wren and birch prints - and i'm a sucker for charcoal on white, so of course i'd love any combination of the above
* branches, birds, birds' nests, complete with itty-bitty eggs, love them all :)
* i also love typography when used correctly {Yoshiko Jinzenji's fabrics from a couple of years ago} and the look of old photocopies
* perhaps pages from a nature journal could combine typography as well as drawings of birds' nests and pressed leaves? but in a modern way...
* this next idea isn't so much because i think it would be a money-maker, but rather it is something i've thought of doing {if only i knew how to screen print!} charcoal fabric with a variety of children's scribbles/line drawings in white - kept very simple and modern, but cute at the same time...{i taught art to children with life-threatening illnesses for a summer - at the end we stripped the canvas off the art tables and framed the pieces, glitter, fingerprints, stamped hearts, lumps of clay, paint and all - they sold out instantly at the fundraiser and the kids were so proud :)}

Anonymous said...

oopps, i meant to say that i love typography when it is done 'effectively', like Yoshiko Jinzenji's work...

not 'correctly'...which would imply that i know something about the correct use of typography, which i definitely do not!! note to self...commenting while sick with flu makes for not very nice-sounding comments :( sorry everyone!!

Katy said...

Not sure if someone else has suggested this but i really like the idea of supplying screenprinted panels printed certain shapes for a specific patternkit.

If you could design a pattern or work inconjunction with an exisiting pattern designer, your could print material with the shape of the pattern pieces.

All the customer would have to do is cut around the shapes and sew together!

for example - tote bags, purses, teatowels, feature panel on a skirt (you could print the panel, supply the pattern for the skirt).

Shirley said...

I think it is a very good idea to get some customer feedback. To narrow down some thing more concrete, I think it would also be helpful for you ladies to take some of the suggestions, add some of your own, and create a detailed survey so you can get an idea of what people really want, without it being a jumbled list of random things. This way, you'll know if a certain plant is more desired than a another. Or if a particular shade of orange is better than another.

I also would love it if there was more consistency in the base cloth. I love all of the base cloth that is used, but I find it difficult to purchase fabric when teal is in natural but olive is in cream, yet I want to buy both to make a project. If possible, it would be great if all the colors being offered could be offered in all base cloth types. Or, otherwise, work with one base cloth first and then work with another. Some sort of rotation perhaps?

I'd love to see more color variation. I can tell you all love blues and we've seen inky blue, Matt's blue (mark?), teal, and robin eggs blue. But I'd love to see that same fervor in reds, oranges, yellows, browns, greens, purples, etc. Definitely some more warmer colors would be nice. I feel like right now I mostly have blues and greens in my fabric stash since there isn't much to choose from when available.

I think the best patterns you ladies have come up with are the more abstract ones that are organic/nature-inspired. Such as bulokku. And more simple patterns such as seeds and sumor. (I'm also a huge fan of Lotta Jansdotter, so that may explain why I love seeds, bulokku, and sumor so much. They're sort of in the same inspiration) These patterns transfer well into multiple projects: reupholstering, quilts, jackets, bedding, cushions, totes, etc.

Not only would I love to see more of the abstract, simple patterns, I'd also love to see them offered in different scales. I can imagine pairing a bigger print next to a smaller print without it clashing too much if both were printed in the same base cloth and in varying shades of similar colors.

As for specific shapes, I'd love to see more houses (both in outline and in solid shapes, or a combo of both, perhaps an outline that slightly overlaps a solid?). I'd love to see a series of urban objects: houses, bikes, cars, streets/street signs. I know you'll be able to transfer these sometimes 'ugly' objects into things of beauty.

I also loved the patterns Lara and Bee submitted for the Sprout children's line. Maybe more simple patterns like that?

I'm a big fan of consistency and I would LOVE to see some kind of collection. Maybe a baby (but done well and tastefully that even adults could use it for grown up projects) collection? A nature-inspired collection (of various plant species, however "real" or "abstract")? An organic shape collection? etc. That would be neat! And I wouldn't need to shop around for similar fabrics to make a quilt because I'd just buy all the patterns from the collection in various shades/colors and sizes!

However, I do understand that you are only human and some of my suggestions may be better suited over a long period of time or when you're no longer human!


Shirley said...

ps. i DEFINITELY lurvvvved the bulokku print. it was so abstract and yet i could "see" so many things in that simple print -- houses on a street, bubbles, literally blocks, etc. if the only suggestion of mine that you take is to make other prints in the same fashion as the bulokku, i would be thrilled!

pps. i forgot to mention that i'd love to see some more consistency among the prints that are offered. i felt like there used to be more consistency when lara first started out. example: there was clearly a "japanese-y collection" when she offered the cranes, bonsai, birch, gingko, etc. but now i feel like prints are just being offered left and right. which is fine too. it's your project. it's your company. who am i to say? but, i did love it when i was able to better match prints and patterns. i'm big on having things not necessarily "matchy" but that "go" well together. not just in colors and basecloths, but in patterns. i guess that's why i suggested offering collections of prints at a time. for instance, you could have a nature collection with prints of mushrooms, leaves, twigs, ladybugs, and moss. and i could totally see them being used separately or in the same project. you know? am i even making sense at this point? :D

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Okay, I'm back with some ideas. I did a quick scan of the other comments and some of these have already been offered, but I'll say them again for market research purposes, okay Teegs? LOL

* PURPLE (green is good too, but don't forget the purple, okay)
* Beachy prints, in time for summer. I'm thinking, star fish, shells, sea horses, turtles, coral. Different prints in diff colours would go together for a fantastic beach themed quilt.
* Butterflies - I'm sure you gals could draw some exquisite butterflies, maybe some dragon flies too?
* Australian wildflowers - kangaroo paw, banksia, grevillea, acacia, gum leaves, ferns etc - I'm seeing a fantastic Aussie quilt here, just imagine the gorgeous prints and colours!
* Definitely some small print designs to coordinate with your gorgeous large prints
* Now, looks like I might be on my own here, but I'd love to see what you talented girls would turn out by way of paisley, especially purple paisley. I'm sure you never would have guessed that I'd make a suggestion like that!
Hugs to you all, and to Bella :-)

One Crafty Mumma said...

I do have a soft spot for apple, pear or olive coloured prints. I'd love to small sized prints - trees and houses - you can never have too many of these :)

Emmy said...

Chartreuse, that lovely yellowy green. Absolutely anything in this colour (for purely selfish reasons - I want cushions in this colour for our new sofa)

I would also love to see bigger floral prints. Maybe 15cm+ accross in black or white on a solid background. Like a negative of a dandelion clock or a sunflower.

Like many others I have a particular passion for geometric prints and would snap anything like that up in a heartbeat.

Kari V. said...

Prints inspired by nature: spider webs, eucalyptus leaves, ferns (especially ferns!), water, stones, seahorses, etc. I've also been keen on mosaics lately. As for color: grey, foggy blue, berry, grass green, yellow and terra cotta.

jules said...

so many good ideas! I would agree with smaller scale prints, maybe smaller versions of some of your current designs? I think that might make some lovely things mixing up the scale. Also, I'm really into mustard-y yellow, deep red, and olive green right now, not necessarily together, but maybe! I love my keys! (thank you for the scraps!!!!)

kiko said...

Here are some prints that I love to see
celery, feathers, dandelion 'fluffs', daisies, artichokes, bamboo etc

colors....celery green, egg plant purple, robins egg blue, orange,

how about some asian inspired ideas? bamboo, cherry blossom on trees with some birds, something like that? I would love to make some bags out of your pretty fabrics one day! They are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

vegetables (flowers and fruit get all the limelight) - carrots with foliage, aubergines etc.

simple schematic maps like country wals or coastal paths with features

kiwiredhead said...

a print with boys in mind, preferably something that avoids purile stereotypes, with a Melbourne theme (....think melways grid, mcg, trams...).

inject a bit of humour through whimsical detail, delighting the little eyes that discover hidden treasures

Leslie said...

woweee look at all these comments. So many great ideas.

I love the natural linens etc but I would love to also get something a little lighter in weight. I am not good with fabric types so sorry can't really describe exactly what I mean.

In terms of colour I think some lovely deep reds, burnt orange, sunny yellow is great too. I really like the grey on charcoal prints you have done recently so perhaps a similar 'like on like' series. Does that make sense!

I love your two colour prints, ginko is a fave of mine.

As far as prints go I am a little over birds etc, it kinda seems that theme is everywhere not just in fabric design. I am a big fan of Cloth and Lotta, what draws me to them is their organic, abstract shapes. So perhaps more of that.

I find that I often see a print I like but would like something else on a smaller scale to compliment it both in colour and print so maybe a series of complimentary designs.

I probably have a million other thoughts (I usually do) but they seem to have escaped me at the moment.

emma said...

ok here's my bit....

* yellows and olive greens, on the organic linen.

* organic shapes inspired by nature,leaves, kelp, ferns, plenty of those around but I'd like to see your take on it.

*more scenes, like the birch and houses prints. Perhaps a left of field take on Australian flora and fauna or a particular community? Cottages in the forest with smoke coming from the chimney. A garden scene with pitchfork left in ground.

* old bicycles, porcelain tea cups, insects.

* What about some organic line work, someone drawing freehand vertical lines with pen and ink including a few surprises here and there. Can just see this for some curtains.

* whimsical tongue in cheek botanical illustrations (whatever that means!)

deanna said...

I'd love to see more orange.

Also, some transparent layering would be cool. Maybe the sumor or flowing dots, or the ginkgo.

tone on tone would be pretty too.

gemma @ loz and dinny said...

More browns and smaller prints? I'll leave the designs up to you guys! I am an absolute for grey too ... any shade!

Michelle said...

I'd loove to see some more of your gorgeous prints in a pink/red combo. In terms of designs: more leaves, flowers or birds - anything simple and nature-related always works well. My only other comment is "bring on the kits": bags, purses, cushions, etc. Ooh, it'd also be great to be able to buy your prints as teatowels - practical and styley or great for framing!

RachelMM said...

I would LOVE the tree print in white with a kelly green/grass green background. It's my favorite print.

Large flowers are always cool too.

Megsie said...

I'd love to see more organic imagery and organic cotton or hemp fabrics, and the tones...well green of course. There is so much inspiration in our beautiful environment and you girls can certainly bring ideas to life. I'm thinking tree ferns, boab tree's, lyre birds, fronds, grass trees, waves, sea anemone's, urchins.... in smallish sized prints so they can be used to add that special something to a crafting project.

Joh said...

I like the detailed botanical type stuff - ie more in the vein of the birch pattern and the acacia patterns... more of this type please. I really like the linen type background (and maybe you should sell plain fabric to match - bugger of a time matching something to the acacia linen...) and I love the darker colours - olive green, charcoal etc...
Already really like what you do..
Maybe more bag kits / variety of bag kits also...

Belinda Neame said...

Loving the yellowy/green tones at the moment. A dandelion weed print on a linen blend would be delicious :o)

Love red but more of an orange red rather than the dark blood red.

Loving twigs, trees, pears, apples, dots etc.

Have fun!!!!

Sarah said...

I would love to see a creative typography print. Maybe a handwritten letter or song in cursive ...a little hand sketched look a little imperfect. Maybe with sketches mixed in of trees, etc...

And I would love to see some bright Spanish colors !!

Lime Green, Deep Violets, Bright Orange,etc !!!

You guys are awesome !!

patty a. said...

Fabric with swirls or leaves. Navy printing on white or cream and then the negative print. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Lara Brehm said...

Would love to see your birch print on linen in fade colors! In a soft warm grey or in a fade petrol blue maybe...

Would love to see olive green on a new pattern, something with leaves, which are great for home deco!

Would love you to design more animal patterns, maybe dears or hedgehogs... think about it, it could look gorgeous in aubergine or taupe!

Can't wait to see your new designs! :)

Bronwyn said...

Love the bird prints, so more of those would suit me especially Aussie birds (we) they rock!- charcoals and mid-greys and blues - love native flora - we have such unique stuff here - lets get it on cloth and I know you gals can do it with style. Beach items too - rock, shell, driftwood, gull would look cool!

The Nappy Spot said...

I love Lara's Birch print but would REALLY love to see something similarish(?) with an Australian feel... gumtrees and birds basically!
Or like someone else suggested, anything botanical featuring Australian plants like kangaroo paws, flannel flowers, paper daisies, billy buttons... I'm sure you girls could do something that doesn't look like a print on a 1970s teatowel! (Hehe!)
Oh and I'd love to see something BIG. Marrimekko style. Something that is perfect for a huge wall-hanging, or quilt cover.
And yes, definately anything featuring birds!

Rosalind said...

I hope I am not repeating but I couldn't be bothered to read through all the posts... how about cherry blossom up close - big fat flowers and magnolias? on linen

Katherine said...

Dear Ink&Spindle,

A shade bluer purple would be heavenly and match well with the plum tones you already have.

Colors: I don't care for Tatoo blue or the single colors on cream by themselves. What I imagine as quintessentially Ink & Spindle is the layered monotone feel...I adore the keys in cupcake and everything charcoal on black. The low contrast is satisfying and unique. Also, there is something very magical about white ink over natural.

Patterns: Thanks for including the Japanese inspired designs (ginko is the pattern that brought me to your website via Etsy). Keep up the amazing work!

CurlyPops said...

It would be great if you could print some smaller designs (I usually use a small piece as a feature on my projects). I would love any prints in really rich and bright oranges and pinks - especially on a darker cloth.
I would also love a re-run of Hollabbe Swirl

boombooms said...

I would love to see a print with 'modern dogs'...

I would also like to see your take on a fantastic wedding dress fabric!

aunty grace said...

I'm hoping to see more coloured background fabric (meaning colours other than white, linen and greys), like tangerine, khaki, or something like that. my house walls are mostly white and off-white, so patterns on white fabric don't really stand out (oh and may i add that my sofa is beige...).
i like to keep my furniture the basic colours so i can add colours as i go.
basically i wish most of your print and fabric colours are reversed. something to the effect of lara's birch design is also fine.

Bec said...

Hi My Name's Bec, from Brisbane.
Got some of your precious material at the Stitches&Craft show: made a beautiful clutch out of your Bulokko in Mint. Get so many great comments.

It's a bit kitsch, but i would love to see some owl motif prints. Simplistic, of course. Could definetly see some wearable art (badge/bags/brooch) being made out of it. Perhaps in a red/black/brown colour.

On a home scale, i would love to see some motif patterns of art-deco stuff, like chandeliers, or even ornate frames. Even if they were just all different sized ones. Could really see some funky cushions/wall hangings coming out of that.

Colours wise, love the mint/turquoise colours. Mayhaps some orange?? Love orange!

Hope that helps, Keep up the great work!!

Rebecca said...

Ok... So bec from brisbane again, and thinking perhaps i should have used my name so you can email me!

josephine said...

the birch in olive would look incredible

Cally said...

I think it'd be cool to have:
* more coloured backgrounds so that the designs on them are quite subtle and some different kinds of fabric (softer / different textures?)
* what about some really random backgrounds like some tie dye (not at all contrasty but more like a background colour variation) or just some wet in wet blended backgrounds?
* I love the riverstone bubbles and reckon you should develop that theme a bit: underwater river scenery, fish (frogs?) riverweed etc. But make sure you include some of your cool stones and bubbles!
* Organic, random prints: I think you've done this already but I liked the blending more than one colour in a single screen print (eg plum and chocolate or lime and turquoise) - just to emphasize the unique, handmade aspect.

Would love to see your great designs on:
* table runners (in a set with napkins or placemats?)
* Beanbags (retro!)
* showercurtains
* window blinds (get hold of some blank ones and print a panel or border)
* make some simple ready-made curtains (the ones with the tabs at the top?) from your fab material. Bound to sell!
* Bee, jij kan iets met tulpen doen, zeker? ;)

Phew, exhausted just thinking about all that. Hope some of them are useful to you guys, I'm a great admirer of your designs and the work you've put into your whole set up. You made it look easy!

kristy said...

Black and white text based - but something different that the fabrics seen around at the moment. Bold and inviting... hmmm that's not too specific is in. But you're smart :)

Michelle said...

I would love to see more prints on darker or coloured fabrics - reds, charcoals, olive green. When I'm making bags, I find people prefer the darkers colours as they don't show the dirt as much.

More kits! For things like obis, patchwork scarves.

Printed felt panels, like what you are doing with the scarves! We can use these panels on bags, skirt flaps, the backs of denim jackets ...

Designs - honestly, I love everything you girls do, and I'm not just sucking up. It's really, really good. Would love if you could bring back the raindrops and the houses and bikes, though! Also that grassy print you're doing on the scarves? Bring it out in a fabric, if you haven't already!

dillpickle said...

I'm a bit obsessed with chocolates and olive greens at the moment, so those colours are all good, as are rich reds and burnt orange type colours :)
I'd love to see some more nature inspired outline prints (does that make any sense? I'm not up with all the lingo), so things like leaves, flowers, berries etc not coloured in!?! I'd like to see them printed on natural linen or cotton/hemp or some such!

Can't wait to see some new stuff!

Amy said...

I'd love to see more animals - maybe some butterflies? In pink!!!

deirdre said...

I agree with the more white on natural blends idea..there is something really striking about this combo!!

Shabby Raggy Roses said...

What would I like to see? Alot more pink! I'm a very pink person, love the cupcake keys & the bonsai in red and snow... I love birds too, so the wren's appeal lots to me! I'd love to see some pretty blossoms and flowers too! But it's all great so I can't choose just a few...
Best wishes,

Belinda said...

I'd love to see Sumor in red on a navy background.

Perhaps some designs printed on denim?

How about a dog paw print fabric design for making doggy accessories?

Greens leaves on cream... mmmmm!

Maybe something in an earthy orange on cream too?

Ooohhh.. maple leaves! How about a design with maple leaves?

PS. I love your fabrics - can't wait to see future developments, and I am so envious that you get to do something crafty and something that you love all of the time -looks like a great lifestyle!

Celena said...

Hi guys
I would like to see some smaller designs too. Butterfly silhouettes (is that how you spell it???), small daisy/flowers. I'm happy with the colours (I'm an orange and blue fan so I'm covered)
Thanks for the opportunity to input.

Candied Fabrics said...

Birdhouses! I've got bird houses on the brain, and I think y'all would do them awesomely! A city scape? more houses! Houseboats!

Can you tell I'm on a house kick? ;-)

Lauren said...

I'd love to see something more floral and in a brighter red and black combo. Big fan of red!!!

Unknown said...

Really love all the prints you do. It is a bit expensive for me to buy there in Australia...
Will keep fingers crossed

Karen L R said...

Haven't read the previous 97 posts, so sorry for repeats, if any.

Lupine flowers in periwinkle on greyish green.
Seashells in soft white on, duh, sand.
Mistletoe in dark green on red for the hols.
Bugs on any color combo.
Green asparagus on dirt brown.
Greyish silver scissors on indigo.

I could go on........

lara said...

some lotus like flowers on linen in a peachy pink or pale minty green woyuld be nice and go well in my daughters nursery :)

Leia Martin said...

Hi girls, it was great seeing you a few weeks back at stitches and craft show in Melbourne. I purchased a bundle of your fabrics. I wasn't going to jump in just for some free stuff, but had to add my two bobs worth..
Here are my suggestions, I'm sure I am repeating - therefore contributing to 'market research'...
- I'm loving the colour combination's of yellow/black/grey, also big fan of turquoise/red
- I agree with some smaller scale prints, but I think smaller scale of some already existing prints would be better
- on the flip side, larger scale, giant florals (dinner plate size) or keys etc..again I'd prefer to see this done to your existing designs, this is not 'sucking up' but your designs are strong enough, obviously popular and playing on scale would co-ordinate well with existing sizes..(if that makes sense..)
-lastly, I do love Lara's acacia and never thought I'd enjoy Australiana so much, but her spin gives a it a quality...i can't quite describe, but I just love more of this (as suggested above many times), stick to your lovely natural fabrics - it makes you work more recognisable, more distinct..


Lien said...

How about curtain fabric where the tops are left plain and the pattern starts at the bottom (eg forests, or birds), etc. Keeping the tops plain will let us cut the fabric to fit our windows.

I'd love to make up some curtains with the trees along the bottom.

sweet emmelie said...

This is my 3rd attempt,keep leaving messages but forget to check if gone through

-I like the idea of purses and clutch bags through time done like keys

-Love the ideas of numbers and antique toys

-love to see pink or purple print or two colourway, which would be ideal for girls dresses

-love the linen look

-would like to see a brilliant red print

-I liked that coloured swatch idea

-love circles, how about different size circles overlapping each other or ovals

-take a photo of rocks or pebbles and then draw the outline shapes

-love the houses and the city scape is cool

- botanical is always a winner, going for that organic look.

great giveaway, anticipate the results!!!!

Mandalin said...

Has anyone suggested ironwork? On a curve, instead of a straight line perhaps. There has to be some fab intricate examples on Melbourne buildings.
And an ink splatter with a spindle? Although I have no idea what a spindle looks like.
I also adore Art Nouveau organic decorative shapes, I think they could lend themselves to one or two colours.
Dots, people love dots, me included. Big red dots (not necessarily red, it's just my fave at the moment), on that gorgeous warm mid grey linen.
I'm new to your work, so hopefully I haven't suggested anything you've already done.

bo said...

it would be great to have more organic looking fabrics ~ subtler print colors like olive, mustard yellow, light brown, light blue, light burnt organe. i'd love to see delicate patterns of nature like twigs, branches, leaves, birds and flowers.

rosalia said...

My favorite colors are the deep red you already have, brown, chartreuse, the olive you already use, Nathan's Blue, rust. I also love the tone-on tone stuff (e.g. charcoal on black) so more of that would be lovely (e.g. in browns). I love flowers, birds, trees (e.g. pussy willows, peonies, dandelions, zinnias,). Love the new packaging you are using! And i really like the change you made when purchasing one unit of your fabric (the more practical size).
Great work people!

Malinda said...

new color palettes - I love the patterns but a wider range of colors would be great.

Kelly Ann said...

How about a large damask print (15 inch wide repeat) white on black or black on white?

jessamyn said...

I agree with the turquoise and red combo but I love how simple and calm your prints feel so maybe two fabrics that can be used together each in one color.

I love the birch trees and it would be nice to have more in that family of fabric, like other trees or plants.

Keep up the good work, your stuff is so great!

Blooming Business said...

I would like to see bikes on linen. In vibrant boy friendly colours.

Also would to see thongs - the feet kind - on randomly repeated print. Black on linen would be great and colours too.

Danielle said...

Hmm, maybe smaller prints or patterns closer together, for people who like to use small bits of your fabrics for smaller projects (like purses), as depending on where you place your pattern, you could end up losing alot of the print (and we all try to use fabric as economically as possible so there can be wastage).

Wonderwoman said...

Ohh I just found this post...and in the nick of time too!! I really like your strong, solid colour prints, like the birch in chocolate (which I was delighted to purchase at the market on sunday and is sitting on my 'beautiful things' shelf at work. The strong solid colour background contrasts magically with a lighter colour cotton/linen. What about solid colour backgrounds with smaller organic shapes and patterns inside like wheels, flowers or fruit?
Also, how about overlapping patterns? The acacia in blue and plum would look amazing overlapped on each other. You could come up with beautiful abstract patterns, which would make a great skirt or scarf.
I usually use fabrics for small projects like bags, cushions, notebook cover etc, so if the prints were smaller they would look in small spaces and perfect for these types of projects. I would love a mini birch... :)
I really really like organic colours too like olive, browns, grey and white. They go with almost anything and are a beautiful colour pallette. I think these colours represent your brand really well too as the fabrics are enviro conscious...

Amy said...

I'm a sucker for woodlandsy things - mushrooms, owls etc. I'd be shopping up big! I'm also partial to a funky paisley as well.

I also love the light prints on dark backgrounds, and would love a dandelion print!

Perhaps it is the wintry day we have here in Sydney, but snowflakes would be lovely. In a light print on dark fabric - navy or similar. :)

Trixie Jones said...

Bird cages- it's all I've been googleing for the past week!!

Andrea Radley said...

I like the natural cotton and your teal and earth colours. I also like the greys.

For what to put on it...
Mini-beasts perhaps
Perhaps some native plants to go with them.