Monday, June 1, 2009

A busy Week(s?)

So much happened this week. No time to blog.

In an attempt to make this post not a novel, and so as not to earn more pointed looks from Larz & Bee, I'm going to work in dot points.

And try to stick to them.

Here goes:
Monday: printed like crazy; went to Lace Class; on the way, wound Bee's bobbins and nearly vommed coz I was in the back seat and I had to do it as we went thru the hated tunnel and that, along with the fumes, made me all a tad carsick; recovered and kicked the latest lace pattern's proverbial butt and got an invite to our teachers house for a private lesson (Woots!!) (yes, yes, it's well established I'm the teacher's pet.) (You're just jealous.)

Tuesday: We printed like crazy - oh btw, Bee spent the WHOLE week with us at the studio due to some time in lieu from her other job and it was ace!

Wednesday: printed like crazy (surprised?); had meetings and general boring work stuff; went to Glen Iris for my private lace lesson, learned how to do Tallies and Windmill Crossings properly. Pumped as. Time flew. Home late.

Thursday: P.L.C (see above); then we went to Mattt's Funky Gertrude St Pad so Larz could show him how to set up the blog we've finally talked him in to doing. I cooked dinner. Bee assisted. Again home late.

Friday: Got ready for our Open Studio; Then went for vegan lunch and vegan shopping with Miss Pepperberry herself, (she was teaching me all the good places to go. BTW if you haven't been to the Ivanhoe Coles. Go there. Just go. I can't explain it. It's amazing.) Sandra and I traveled all across Melbs, from North to Southeast and back to West all in an arvo, which actually ended up being and arvo and and evening, (but hey - who's timing!) which involved a lot of chatting (and eating) and it turns out she is totally ace! I had an inkling, but now I know for sure, and thought I'd better share; after I finally let poor Sandra (she was/is sick) go home, I had to stay up til 1am to go the the airport and pick up Sam! Yay, Sam! 1am turned into nearly 2am, and after a nap in the car, which was parked, running, in a bus zone, with the heater on full coz it was about minus a million degrees (I hate the cold), my bestie arrived! Huzzah! Home, cup of tea, sleep.

Saturday: Here's Sam - she is the Honorary 4th I&S Member, as she spent four weekends in a row getting filthy last year, helping us reno the space in the depths of winter AND she was from Darwin. That's a good friend, right there.

She'd kill me for putting a pic up, I guess it's just too bad she's in WA! Haha!

Saturday saw us hold our second bi-monthly Open Studio - and what fun! We had heaps of awesome people come up for a look and a chat and a nibbly, we also did a bit of placement printing, so people could see the general process. That was fun. Tho the awed silence freaked me out a bit... I'm used to demo-ing to bored teenagers!

After that, Sam and I went out to Sandra's where we got to meet (in order of appearance) Tango, Sharon, Coconut, Monsieur, Manhattan and the adorable ginger (we gotta stick together, y'know) cat, Gin Gin. We dove straight in to cooking a 5 course vegan dinner, had a great afternoon full of laughing and cooking and mess-making and quickly-cleaning-up-before-Sharon-noticed-what-we-were-doing-to-the-kitchen.
Evening rolled around soon enough, Bee & Larz arrived to join the party and we ate. And ate. And ate some more: Pesto dip; taco's with guacamole; asparagus, lemon rind and something else pasta; mini passionfruit pav's (in theory, tho they were less than successful); and finally choc ganache and strawberries... mmmm... I didn't mention the "marshmallow's". Hopefully Sandra will write a blog post about those. I just can't bring myself to.

Sunday: Sam and I woke up with sugar hangovers. They exist, trust me. After checking up on the hosts, Sandra said and I quote "Sharon woke up with a migraine, I woke up fat." We giggled.
We eventually crawled out of bed and went to Grumpy's Green on Smith St for delish vegan food and organic wine... then decided to head to the studio to make Sam's little 4y.o. sister, Ally, an Audrey & Maude Softie! We decided on Eloise the Elephant and made her from a gorgeous silk/linen fabric we had lying around somewhere and Bee's Sumor in Teal on Natural, coz look at how awesome it works with the ears!

Hmmm, now where should those ears go...

Et voila!
(Sorry about the crappy photo's, I only had my iPhone camera handy.)
So we finished Eloise just before Sam's flight home, which she made this time. Phew. Home. Sleep.

Monday: Printing, a bit crazy-esque, our new batch of delectable organics arrived, so we got straight in to those - omg yum as. Wait til they're ready, that's all I'm gonna say. Home, Ashburton, pick up Bee, get noodles, lace class, buy more bobbins, home, sleep.

Tuesday: Printing, blogging. Banana. And that's it! We're up to date.

So much for the not a novel bit, but oh well! There was a lot to catch up on!

xx Teegs


Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

LOL! I am sooo blogging about that "marshmallow". My tummy flips just thinking about it :-)

Penny said...

Bahaha! Tegan you should write all the I&S blog posts! Too funny!

Can't wait to see what you've printed, can you take a photo?

The elephant is so cute!

And I love Grumpy's Green, so good.

Kim said...

Cute elephant! I like the eyes and ears best.

Thea said...

I like your long-winded posts. I felt bad about your puppy though. I hate it when my dog needs to have an op. I hope she is feeling better now.

Ink and Spindle said...

Aw thanks, you guys! It's nice to feel appreciated again.

Bee & Larz have def learned to tune my (obviously hilarious and modest) rambling out. Tsk tsk. So rude, those two! ;)

Bella update: she's ok, tho has inflamed her muscle, vet appt tomoz, might get her stitches out, depends on said muscle.

xx t

Danielle said...

Love Eloise - soo cute!!

Cathy said...

love your Eloise - she looks so cute in those colours and fabrics! Laughed at your day at Sandra's! We gotta get together with my Kitchenaid to try and make some vegan meringues! Great to see you yesterday too!