Monday, June 15, 2009

Post Melbourne Design Market

Hooray! It's over!

We had such a great (albeit thoroughly exhausting) time yesterday - must say a massive thanks to all the wonderful readers who came in and introduced yourselves! And an even bigger thanks to those who came in, introduced themselves and bought a bunch of stuff! (And a spank for all you naughty blog lurkers (blurkers?) out there. Apparently there are many. De-lurk, dammit!)

Ahem, I'm here to show you a bunch of pics today! So I'm gonna attempt to limit myself to hilarious captions only from now on.

Larz modelling one of the Italian felt wool scarves!
The Spunky Lady of I&S, modeling one of the Italian Felt Wool Scarves! They are going to be available in our shop soon, tho we only have about 12 left... I'll keep you updated.

Teegs & Bee with Larz's back
Me, Bee & Larz's back putting the finishing touches to our stall.

Teegs, Bee, Larz and Sandra (aka Pepperberry)
Me, Bee, Larz & Sandra (a.k.a Pepperberry & co) all set up and ready to sell, sell, sell!!

Half the stall, with tree!
Stall shot - well half the stall...

Cushions, lamps & bolts
Posing in front of the cushions, fabric bolts and lamps! Can you tell I've not had much sleep?

Pepperberry & co's goods
Pepperberry & co's beautiful passport covers and notebooks!

Unpacking Shonah's goods
Shonah's fabulous pendants, mid-unpacking...

Mattt's latest collaberation with us - New coloured hemp canvas bags, launching the latest design 'Rooftops'!! They sold like hotcakes, too!

Ok, now for some name dropping! We had some other fabulous blogger peeps, and non-blogger peeps, come visit us:
Penny from Pocket Carnival, Amy from Moyou, Susie from Button & Squiggle, Susan from Spin Spin, Shannon from Rabbit & The Duck, Britt from Stitchy Britt,(who by the way, actually came up and helped package stuff on Saturday arvo, with her friend Jett, in exchange for a cup of tea and a vegan chocolate biscuit), the ever-lovely Anna from Living Creatively, one of my favourite workshopee's from the Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show - the everlovely Kate, our lace teacher Jan, our newest neighbor here at the studio Yong, my chiropractor San, & Ruth the vet!

Speaking for Lara, the definite highlight of the day was when Bee spotted Lawrence Leung in the crowd told Lara (Lara loooooved his show) who then bolted out of the stall, (nearly bowling me over in the process) to shake his hand. Seriously, people, it made her day.


Nicole said...

Sorry! I don't want to be a blurker! I was speaking to Bianca on Sunday, who I had met before at her workshop at the Stitches and Craft show. I love reading your blogs - you are all very inspiring and it was great to see your new stuff at the market. I hope to make it to your next open studio and properly de-lurk myself!! Thanks for the giggle!

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

AWWW! That is the cutest photo of Bella ever. I s'pose you mob aren't so bad looking, either :-) Thanks for yesterday- I had a blast! And it was lovely to meet so many bloggy types too. xx

Little Snoring said...

Ok, I am delurking. Your stall looked great, congratulations, wish I wasn't so far away. best. Edwina

Danielle said...

Looks like your stall was gorgeous - so many lovely goodies!

Leaves of the family tree said...

Bella is growing fast!
Glad the day went well!

Ursula said...

Oops! I didn't even realize I was lurking until it was just brought to my attention!

I love stopping by the blog to get the behind the scenes scoop. Thanks for sharing so many photos of how you actually do your printing, etc. Also any photos of that adorable Bella... and, although I am a happily married woman, more Hot Man features! : )

p.s. LOVE the new white houses on natural!

Danielle said...

Ha ah - I was in Melbourne minding my own business on a very short trip and I stumbled across the Design Market - Lara spotted me as a 'familiar face' and I thought - gees, is that code for blog stalker :-)

Great looking stall girls - you did look run off your feet - loved the collaborations you're doing with other peeps to create products from your lovely fabrics!

JoeyNomad said...

nice to see you spread the crafty goodness in the carpark - and may I just add that I made both my mum from Tschermenny AND my mother in law (from Melbourne) buy a bag - but shockingly, my mother in law chose the same bag I have! I need a new bag, stat!!!!! I reckon I will go buy a house fabric one. And happy travels to Holland too! Keep warm! Tina :)

Jane said...

Girls, I just love what you do so much, you're a true inspirash. It was great to meet you face to face, you're as lovely as your blog suggests! Keep up the awesome work and those fun posts a comin :) See you at the open day in July!

Anna said...

Hi Girls, I loved your stall it looked great. I hope you made lots of sales. Oh I missed Bella yet again. When am I going to finally meet her??? I love the pic, she looks so much like Butch (only different colouring). Happy Holiday Bianca. Hope you have fun.

Bec said...

I would love one of your scarves are you going to put them in your shop??

Mingus Designs said...

Your stall was fantastic. It was too bad I could only buy a few little things.