Friday, July 10, 2009

She's back!


Bee has returned to us after spending 3 wonderful weeks visiting family and friends back in the Netherlands. She went home specifically to attend her best friend Charlotte's wedding - such fun! And, much to my total jealousy, she even spent some amazing time in Paris! *sigh...*

Bee & I have a week over overlap before I head off on my own exciting adventure to Thailand & Laos! (So excited - I leave on Wednesday!! Yay!) So anyway, I thought I'd better give you an update on the happenings around here! Hmmm, so we haven't blogged in weeks... Y'know what? We haven't got any news. Larz and I have just been printing and doing admin. We have basically just been attempting to get ourselves organised for the Sydney Stitches & Craft Show. It's looming ever closer, and as usual we're feeling the pressure! Eep!

Oh, wait! I just remembered - there is one exciting bit of news- we are going to our first private Lace lesson tonight! Though, I'm very ashamed to admit, Lara has finished her homework, and I have not. I think I might loose my status as Teacher's Pet this week. That doesn't sit well with me... Will let you know how that works out!

xx T


Michelle said...

Welcome back Bianca!

Daniela said...

Hay, I got my home beautiful in the mail last night and was casually doing my first flip though it before my in depth read, thought i saw something interesting on page 34 so flipped back....there is a little story and picture of you guys. Maybe you should blog about that!!! Congratulations and nice picture!