Saturday, June 13, 2009

Melbs Design Market


Well, it is. So come one, come all to Fed Square carpark, between 10am and 5pm!

We've got an extra big stall this time, and we're gonna need it!! We are selling a whole range of fabrics, kits, fabric covered lamps, felt scarves & cushions!

As well all that amazing stuff, we're ALSO stocking products by Mattt, Shonah & Pepperberry!

Speaking of Matt, and in keeping with our previous post, we thought we'd show you him! (We were thinking of having an entire series titled 'The Hot Men of I&S' however, there really is only Jem and Mattt, so yeah...)

Enough of that! Here's spunky Matt:

Mattt inspecting rooftops
Matt inspecting the very first repeat of the new Rooftops print, on his fancy new hemp canvas! All up to scratch, Matt..? We thought so.

As Larz often notes, we love a man who sews! ;)

(Note my brand spankin' new Princess Coat on the mannequin behind - more on that, and Lara's newbie, next week...)

On to other news, here's a pic of Lara, mid-lamp making:

lara making rooftops lamp
She's notoriously hard to get a photo of as she's always hunched over something or another! At least here, you can nearly see her face - and she's almost smiling!

Ok, best get on with the rest of the preps!!

Come visit us at the market tomorrow

xx Teegs


Patti said...

Wish I were on the other side of the globe so that I could visit you at the market. I do visit you on the web. I love all your work. It is absolutely beautiful!

Georgia said...

I bought my Mum a Mattt bag for her birthday last year. It couldn't have been more perfect for her. They are *great* bags - love them.

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

Wipe the drool off the keyboards, ladies. Honestly. With all this man-love I'd be forgiven for thinking no actual work goes on in that place!

Jodie said...
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Jodie said...

Sorry about the delete - I was spelling like a drunk woman.
I remember when you posted about the fitting for the coats-would love to see them finished.

Melanie said...

Can't make it tomorrow, but I hope the I&S team do well! Also, just wanted to say Teegs, you're a natural blogger - you give me a giggle every time :)

Di said...

I love the rooftops! I too wish I was on the other side of the world so I could have visited!

Unknown said...

Saw you all today at the Design Market. Boy you looked busy, it was difficult to get near the tables! I bought a Matt bag with your red roof top print on it. It meant a lot to me, seeing I saw the roof top design at your Open Studio day. Oh yeah mum and I were drooling over the roof top lamp.