Friday, March 6, 2009

earth quake

we just had an earth quake and it felt like our quadruple brick building was made of jelly!

a quick Facebook check told us that it was felt all the way from Frankston to Ascot Vale (and maybe more!!)

... update: from Bundoora to Cranbourne too!

2nd update: s'ok, it only went for a few seconds, we're fine, nothing even fell off any of the expedits!


Anonymous said...

Hey, we felt it down here on the Mornington Peninsula! In Hastings here and our brick house shook and hubby said he could see the room go backwards and forwards. A friend on the navy base in Cerberus felt it too. Just heard it was a 4.8! Amazing huh.

Clarissa said...

oh man! I hope you guys are OK well, you were able to blog and checked out Facebook ;)).

Melissa G said...

Yep! Felt it in Cheltenham.

mizu designs said...

I felt it too! They say the epicentre was in Gippsland so I hope folk out that way are ok.

Katie said...

It was a real shake up for us being only half an hour from the epicentre. Let's hope that was our biggie for the millenium!