Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The big Brisbane call out

Well, as we've mentioned a few times on this here blog, Ink & Spindle is packing it's wares into suitcases and heading to the Stitches & Craft Show in Brisbane!

We're excited and a little bit nervous - Brisbane is pretty unfamiliar territory (for Bee and myself at least) and we don't really know many people up there.

We also don't know where we can/should stay. The show is at the Convention Centre on South Bank, and we're not exactly rolling in it so we're trying to find somewhere to stay that's cheap but still accessible (we might hire a car). Or if anyone has a spare room for three lovely ladies.... ;)

Anyway if anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated!

P.S. - we wont be able to do any workshops in Brissy but we will be doing our 'A Home Based Craft Business' seminar. Dates to come soon :)

Update: Thanks everyone for your response. We've booked ourselves a nice apartment 5 minutes away from the show and will be staying a little longer to enjoy Brisbane :) Thanks Kelly, for doing the search for us.


Purple Paisley Patch said...

I'm so excited that you are coming to Brisbane - yay!!! I'd love to attend your home based craft seminar, I really want to get out of the rat race and work from home. I can't think of any decent cheap accommodation off the top of my head, but I'll have a think about it and come back later with some suggestions.

Oh, one last thing, it probably goes without saying, but just in case, please bring some of your gorgeous fabric with you to Brissie won't you? ;-)

Teegs said...

Ooh, can we vote on this?? Coz I'm voting for a billet! Surely there's a Brissy-based crafty lady out there who'd love to have her home invaded by three kooky ladies!! (or one kooky lady and two mostly unkooky ones- you figure out which is which, no prizes for guessing tho!)
Hotels are no fun! Meeing people is fun! C'mon, Brisvegas! Show us some love ;)

Purple Paisley Patch said...

I'd love to billet you all, but I'm not very close to the city and I'm pretty sure that at the end of the day you won't want to come home to: two kids, two dogs and three cats, not to mention me and the hubby! Perhaps there is a more suitable crafty lady who'd relish the chance to billet and chat with you fab ladies! :-)

Katy said...

I would love to have you at my house but i 2 rooms spare with a queen bed in each, and i am a 35min drive from the city, at Cleveland.

I also have a new puppy and a cat!
But if you can't find anything else, pop me an email...!

Little Mary Moo said...

Yay!!! This is so exciting.

melissa said...

thank you for coming to brisbane, can't wait to see your stall.

XUE said...

I'm going! I'm going!..oops! I can't. I've 2 kids & we're not in Australia - bummer!

Rosalind said...

If you stay somewhere in the city you can just walk over the bridge to Southbank or you might find somewhere at West End? The Valley (Fortitude Valley) is the cool part of town but not as close. Make sure you go there to eat, hang at night and shop! Very cool. We left Brisvegas for Canberra unfortunately!! I might email you some more suggestions.

mizu designs said...

First of all you have to get the lingo right - it's Brisvegas, not Brisbane ;) And as for good areas to stay - New Farm or West End/Hill End, and Paddington/Red Hill are all great. West End and Hill End are closer to the Convention Centre. Staying with someone would be the best thing but make sure you have access to a car as Brisvegas is a car kind of city. (PS. I don't live there anymore or I would offer you all a place to stay).

aynz said...

I'm so glad you guys are coming to Bris! If I had room I would totally offer it (and am so gutted I can't!). I'm looking forward to the seminar and sounds like something I really need at the moment as I'm in the process of setting up my own business.

Looking forward to meeting you guys.

Anonymous said...

Do you still need somewhere to stay?
I (devasted!) will be away for teh show so you are welcome to use my house - drawback being it is about 30 min drive - but is beautiful old farmhouse on 80 acres - is an easy drive in to Southbank and free and all. Let me know via virginia.daniels@bigpond.com

Helen said...

Congrats on your sensational success at the Melbourne show! It was really inspiring to see your fab set up and also your amazing fabrics up close. Looking forward to meeting you again up here in Brissy.

Would love to help you out with your accommodation delimma.Thought that I'd send a call out via "BrisStyle" to see what the gals can come up with. So stay tuned.


Chi Designs said...

hi! i'm looking forward to your seminar and seeing your fabrics. :)

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Oh, you're going to love BrisVegas! I lived there for a year and thrived on its shiny prettiness. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Just thought I'd let you know that I've just featured some pieces I've made with your sexy fabrics on my blog... go and be proud of your talents!


Bespoke Letterpress Boutique said...

Oh I am so excited that you are heading to our wee little town! I am so excited to attend your seminar, oh my, the website says to get their 5 minutes before you start talking. Surely not. I'll be the strange lady hanging around an hour before just so I don't miss out!