Thursday, March 5, 2009

Toile-y Thursday

So, as I'm sure you know by now (coz it's all we've been talking about) we're all 'Stitches & Craft' atm, BUT we have also got this rather exciting exhibition opening/salon show on Tuesday the 17th of March.

The deal is that we've gotta make some real-live, actual clothes to show off our totally awesome prints, pretty much by tomorrow! EEP!! There'll be a whole bunch of other awesome, local, indy, No Sweatshop designers gear there, so if you're in the vicinity come to NMBQ @ 57 Smith St before 7pm to catch the show!!

Saying that, we've known about this for months, but y'know how time just slips away and all of a sudden - BAM! - it's March and oh crap, there's those two big shows within two days of each other...

Anyhoo, so we've been having fun designing skirts and playing with toiles and I thought you'd like a peek at the craziness!

Lara's Toile and fancy new mini tote
Lara's toile in Acacia - white on natural

Teegs's toile on ladder with finished Seeds skirt (about version 4) on mannequin

Teegs finished Seeds Skirt close up
A close up of the fancy linen/silk blend skirt with Bee's Seeds print

Lara showing off her zip skills for Teegs
Larz kickin' that zips butt for me! (I really suck at zips, Lara has the skillz)

Bee in Toile
Speaking of butt's, here's Bee wondering if hers looks big in my poofy toile, version 2 (no Bee, it doesn't)

xx Teegs


Anonymous said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

you've got some lovely combos going on there. I wish I could come help - I would love to get my hands on some of that great fabric!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the design of the first one in particular. You girls really need to do up some patterns of these to sell, or even kits of them. They totally rock. Goodluck for next week.

Anonymous said...

Hey gals, i've been following your site for a while and have loved watching your business grow from when you first started up. I see you have your printing services on your site now, i would love to get some of my patterns screen printed by you guys, so i will be in touch!!! love love xox

noa jordan said...

Which sewing machine model are you using? I think your work is fun and amazing!!