Monday, March 2, 2009

Crafty learnings shall be had by all!!

Ok, people - we have the finalised details!

For the WHOLE FIVE DAYS of the Stitches & Craft Show Bee, Larz and I will be dividing our time between manning (womanning?) our stall at numbers 228 & 229 in the Incubator section, and running daily workshops and seminars.
Yes, I know - we're insane!! So if you come say hi to us and we only communicate in caveman-esque grunts, or alternatively, babble incoherently, then you'll understand why.

It'll be funsies as, tho!

Bianca will be presenting:
A Home Based Craft Business
[Module 25]
Tips and advice on starting a home based craft business. Covering blogging, photography, marketing, online sales, pricing, wholesaling & approaching retailers.
45 minutes. Wednesday 12.30-1.15pm in Studio 1. Friday 1.00-1.45pm in Studio 1.

Lara will be presenting:
Glass Etching
[Module 26]
Learn how to etch a simple design onto a glass or jar – recycle your jars to create something cute / modern / stylish ... and useful!

You can draw your own design in class or choose from some modern & cute designs we’ll have available on the day. You can also bring your own readymade artwork - it just needs to be simple enough to turn into a stencil which you will be cutting by hand (and around 10cm x 10cm in size or smaller).
Kit $27.00. 1 hour. Beginner. Adults/Teens.
Wednesday, Friday 9.30-10.30am in Craft Lab 6
Thursday, Saturday 11.30am-12.30pm in Craft Lab 6
Sunday 9.30-10.30am in Craft Lab 6

I will be presenting:
Acetate Etching [Module 27]
How to etch a hand drawn image to create multiple prints onto paper.
Kit $32.00. 1.5 hours. Beginner. Adults/Teens.
Wednesday 2.30-4.00pm in Craft Lab 6
Thursday & Saturday 1.00-2.30pm in Craft Lab 6
Friday & Sunday 11.00am-12.30pm in Craft Lab 6

Screen Printing [Module 75]
Straight from the Ink & Spindle studio, create a one-off, hand screen-printed hemp tea towel or carry bag [or bring an item of clothing or accessory from home!] using your own design. The printing technique and skills you will learn allow you to easily replicate the process on your own kitchen or dining room table.
Kit $47. 1.5 hours. Adults/Teens
Friday 300-4.30pm in Craft Lab 6

Get in quick, coz there are only about 15 places for each workshop!!

Hope to see you there! :)

xx Teegs

Note: booking for the workshops must be done through the Stitches & Craft Show, not through us :)


Anonymous said...

How do we reserve a place for your workshops?

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Sounds DIVINE.

I was offered a place at Stitches and Craft this week, and had to turn it down, because there wasn't enough time to prepare - now I'm wishing I took it - I'd leave my stall in a second to do that screen printing workshop! Bah!

Next time, perhaps? yep.

Good luck - I hope the show is a huge success - you girls deserve the love.....

Leah xxx

Anonymous said...

They sound great - esp the home based business one and the screenprinting one. Good luck with all of them & I hope you sell out!

Anonymous said...

Ooo!! So for the screenprinting workshop we should bring in a design to use?
I'm booking! :D