Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Admin Tuesday - sounds exciting, right?

Where are the weeks/days/hours going? (Aside from being spent trying to avoid Facebook?) We didn't do ANY printing today... or ordering... or packing - neither did we eat lunch! In fact no one, not even you, called us (and yes, we are feeling unloved)! And already the day is gone.

So, what were we doing? Basically a wholefatlotofnothin'. Well almost. We spent the day dealing with our shop, photographing and editing and uploading and editing again... and then editing again... and weirdly, it's been a long day - usually we're all like "Holy crap! It's 6pm already! We better go home!!" but today just draaaaaaged. Gah for admin.

But the good news is we have put some brand spankin' new colourways up in the shop! We printed these ones specially for the Stitches & Craft show - and if you like 'em we might print them again. Coz there's only a few bits and pieces of things left.

Antique Keys Plum Cream
Antique Keys in Plum & Cream

Antique Keys Olive Choc
Antique Keys in Olive & Chocolate

Wrens Choc
Blue Wrens in Chocolate

Wrens Honeysuckle
Blue Wrens in Honeysuckle (a notoriously difficult colour to photograph)

Ginkgo in Olive
Ginkgo in Olive & Teal

Bonsai in Snow
Bonsai in Snow

acacia in inky blue
Acacia in Inky Blue

Bonsai in Robins Egg
Bonsai in Robins Egg

P.S Did you see we got a mention in The Sunday Age M Magazine's cover story? What fun! Thanks to Pip for recommending us!


Danielle said...

Argh.. I hear ya! Photographing fabric and trying to get the colours looking right is the most time-consuming thing...
They do look lovely though and I really like the keys in the olive/choc combo :)

Dana Frigerio said...

Ciao your blog is fantastic, I added to my blogroll list ..
I think I could get lost for hours in there.

Jacinta said...

I love your fabrics and did manage to buy some at the stitches and craft show... for me, the decision making process was the hardest thing.
I also did the screen printing class with Teegs and had a great time. Will definitely be dropping by to buy more sometime soon.

Karin said...

I love the Bonsai in Robins Egg, that would look gorgeous on some large pillows!

Nathalie said...

Gosh, but I love LOVE all your bird fabrics! Can't see the Acacia Inky blue in your shop though. Will it be available soon? Fantastic blog indeed, which has become a regular here too.

Lara said...

Thanks so much everyone!

Nathalie- the Inky Blue acacia is there, just hiding probably :) here's a link!



Vietnam Traveler said...

Nice works!