Friday, March 20, 2009


So. We're back from the show, and we've survived our brush with fashion, and now it's time to return to the land of printing and blogs.

A round up of the show: we had THE best time! It was awesome getting to meet so many fab peeps, our immediate neighbours included Kristen Doran (K-Diggity-Dawg), Nicolle Mallalieu (Nikki-we'll-swap-you-our-allen-key-for-your-screwdriver) and further along the Incubator secion we had Jodie from vintage ric rac (y'know the crazy one, down there, the one that brings us food! The one with the zipper mouth monsters that say naughty things!), Leslie (who swapped with us and now we all have treasured Oobee's - mine is Leroy!), the gorgeous Audrey & Maude ladies, Louise & Cathy (I'm sooo making those fab softies any day now and I love my new tote!), Johanna from one red robin, with more fab peg bears... and so many other fab people that I'll be here all night if I keep going!!

I need Lara & Bee here to help me remember all the great conversations we had!

xx Teegs


Lara said...

awww Bella!!

Cathy said...

I just loved meeting you all from Ink and Spindle. You girls are doing such a great job for the industry. Hope to catch up again soon. Are you doing the Sydney show as well?

Anonymous said...


It's Sandra from the craft show- you know, the one who was there for four days and stalked you at all of your classes :-) I just wanted to say it was such a blast meeting the three of you- you are all so amazing. I was so inspired by all the talented crew at the Incubator, in fact, that I finally got off my bum and started my own blog. Yay! I've also purchased a ridiculous amount of fabric, so my crafty journey is about to go crazy! Thank you so much for everything.


Anonymous said...