Friday, February 27, 2009

Sneak Peak for Stiches and Craft Show!

Just a short one to say we've been printing madly, doing our very best to get a whole bunch of fabrics ready for the awesome new Stitches & Craft Show beginning on the 11th of March!

We decided to print some very short runs of brand-spankin'-never-seen-before colourways to be launched as Show Specials! We're not sure which, if any, we'll reprint post-S&C Show so you'll just have to come along to our stand in the Incubator section, to be sure of getting your hot little hands on some! :)

Sneak Peak for S&C Show
The camera was on some kinda weird setting, and the fabrics seem all speckly - but they're not really :) We'll replace it with a proper pic when the fabrics come back, next week.
Pictured are: Bloem in Dusty Pink, Blue Wrens in Chocolate, Ginkgo in Plum & Chocolate

There are going to be heaps and heaps of other ace fabric-related folk there too and we're really excited to be a part of it! Particularly as it's under new management, and is all keen to support indy desgners and small labels!! Yay for Living Creatively!

Ooh, I nearly forgot to mention the most exciting bit - all three of us will be running daily workshops and seminars in the Craft Labs! We'll post some more about the workshops and seminars next week...


mizu designs said...

I so want to be a sewer so I could (gosh that's a lot of 'sews' and 'sos' in one bit) at least have a reason to go to a gorgeous show like that. Good luck with the prep!

Anonymous said...

Can't you give us a sneak peek at workshop dates etc please!!! Some people need to organise days off in advance. :)

Penny said...

Oh wow they look great! I want! I will see you at the show!

Marian said...

I'm in love with the ginkgo print...I want to make pillows from it!

Anonymous said...

What type of sewing machine would you suggest buying?