Friday, July 15, 2011

Younghusband love

You know we love our building. A lot. It houses a bunch of awesome creatives and small businesses & we all feel oh-so-lucky to call the iconic Younghusband Wool Store home.

You may also know that our beloved Younghusband is (eventually... we don't know when. Hopefully not for a long time..) going to be totally gutted & have horrendous, ticky tacky little boxes (we've seen the plans) built inside it's pretty external walls, so that the wealthy can pretend to live in warehouse apartments.

WHERE WILL ALL THE ART KIDS GO? I'm not bitter about it at all, I swear..

Anyhoo, so we were recently approached by Luka Kauzlaric, a lovely photographer who volunteers his time & skills to the local newspaper. He wanted to come in & shoot a stack of the residents here at work for a feature article & he has just sent through some finished shots!

Smiling prettily for the camera...

Mid print run, probably trying really hard not to slouch

That's Sass!! And grumpy, adorable Diesel - Belle is totally in love with him, it's very cute

Sass in her gorgeous Ask Alice office (plus diesel hiding in the background)

That's Tim, in his natural habitat, serving patrons at the AMAZING Revolt Artspace

The crowd waiting for a performance at Revolt - how amazing is the mural on the far wall??

Angus, bossman of Lettuce

Lettuce office shot

Master Sam, armourer extraordinaire, at his forge.. he's old school. He has no web presence!

Master Sam's workbench - remember the costume wings I made late last year? Master Sam totally taught me how to do all the metal work for them. Skillz. He has them.

He custom makes to order. Email us for more info!

And finally the lovely & tiny Bea of Beaspoke! Yes, that totally is Aslan. THE Aslan. From the stage production. The White Witch's amazing costume is somewhere around here too...

How great is everyone?? And that's only a few of the residents..!

xx Teegs

All photos by Luka Kauzlaric.


Miss said...

This is lovely - thank you for sharing it. What a great bunch of people . If you wired up everyone in the building, all that creativity would probably power a couple of suburbs!!!

Do hope it's a long time before you need to find another home.

Fer said...

Such a great space you all work in, the photos compliment it beautifully.

Bianca said...

awesome! love younghusband love!

Leah said...

So have they approved the redevelopment or is it still under discussion?

Anonymous said...

OMG, the nerve of the owner! Converting his building into horrendous ticky tacky little boxes so that the WEALTHY can pretend to live in warehouse apartments!!!11! Why, it's almost like pretending to be Radical Artistes who despise capitalism while charging $45 for an infant T-shirt. Nope, no irony there.

Lara said...

Anonymous - I can understand where you see the irony in that but let me explain a couple of things:

1) Our tshirts retail for $45 because that is the true cost of producing a garment in a local & ethical manner. We plan to do a blog post soon so people can understand our pricing formula and see that it's not just us marking the price up out of greed.

2) You might think that it's only wealthy capitalists who are able to afford a $45 tshirt, but we find the opposite is often true. It's often those people who have a modest income yet appreciate the ethical & locally made qualities of an item who are buying our Inklet range. It has less to do with how much money you earn and more to do with *considered* spending. I'd say spending $45 on a present for a friend's baby is an amount that most average income earners can afford.

Lastly, I don't understand why people post such comments as 'Anonymous'. If that's how you feel then stand behind your opinion and post under your real name. Posting as 'Anonynous' seems a rather gutless way of expressing your opinion.