Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday in the studio, again...

I wouldn't dare suggest that this "Friday in the studio" thing is going to become a theme... I have nowhere near enough confidence in our regular blogging abilities to deem it as such ;) But whilst I'm feeling inspired with the camera, why not!

Firstly, as usual we have some extra faces in the studio this week, including Darci who came to do her year 10 work experience with us. We don't always have a lot for students to do when they come here (depends whether or not we have a market coming up) but if there's enough quiet time we encourage them to stencil cut their own design to print on some fabric.

Bex & Teegs help Darci measure her repeat

Darci's hand-cut stencil taped to a small screen

Darci prints!

This week I was also loving the overprints that have appeared on our latest drop cloth. The drop cloth gets printed on whenever a fabric is less than 150cm wide, so we don't get ink on our glued table:

Overprints on an old Native Grasses print

And last but not least...

Stacks and stacks of fabric! Fresh from the heat setters and back in the shop. Yay!!!

Ahhh it feels good to be back on track with a studio full of fabric again :)

xx Lara.


Andi said...

There's a company called Space Craft that frame up their old drop cloths and sell them for a rather large amount of money. You probably already know that. But I'd adore an I&S overprint all framed up. Just a thought!!

Rachel said...

I agree with Andi - it really looks nice!

Leslie said...

Oooh I do love a bit of drop cloth overprints. Yay for Darci too, man I wish I had been able to do work experience like this...I went to an optician!! Oh dear! Ha! New fabric looks good to ladies.

Alicia said...

Love the native grass print, you should print more of that- maybe a craft panel?

Claire P said...

I love the Friday review posts!

One of my favourite yoga business blogess smartypants teachers that I follow posts a weekly Friday Chicken (check-in chicken, geddit??) and I love it love it love it. (She's at btw)

I think it's a lovely way for your followers to feel like a part of your story. And a much more interesting story to keep up with than, say, Neighbours or Bold....

Let us live vicariously with you! Please??


Melanie said...

Wow, I just love the inter-relationships of blogland. I.was.looking at an applique post from a link from a blog I.follow and it had an. apron pattern link on Martha Stewarts Craft site and she'd made it up in a fabric from down under and that was YOU! And as Melbournian by birth (and the following 25 yrs) I was just STOKED to find you. Even stranger I follow the Fingers Keepers blog too. So.extra well.done the.crafty blog way. I.haven't read back very far but do you print up stationery to match your fabric? The Papercrafts movement is huge and your designs would suit that too.(you must promise me a.12 inch scrapbooking page if you do). Also loved Dana's design too.