Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ask Alice

...or as we find ourselves saying lately - ask Sass! Because Sass (of Ask Alice stationery fame) is the newest resident in our Younghusband Building and we are just loving having her as a neighbour.

We've found if there's any cute/quirky/random thing that we are in need of, Sass always has a solution. Be it a cute child size mid century armchair from an antique store or a bunch of whimsical stickers for name tags at a dinner function, or a particular coloured pen or delicious homemade cupcakes for a birthday, Sass comes up with the goods!

The most recent instance was when we asked Sass if she had any tags or cards that we can include as freebies with our shop orders. I have a real issue about sending orders without a little "something" extra - it feels cold and businesslike to just send a piece of fabric without a note. We've been including flyers but that's not the same, it's not something our customers can use and enjoy.

But funnily enough, Sass has exactly what we required! Two boxes full of ever so slightly imperfect stock that she doesn't want to sell. Which to you and I looks completely fine! And once we've gone through those we'll do a formal collaboration. How fun!

cards and tags from Ask Alice - thanks Sass!

Check out Sass's cute stationery range here. Yay! xx


Sass said...

Awww, I love you guys! x

Jacinta said...

These are gorgeous!

Leslie said...

Ooh thats ace....I love Ask Alice...I bought some goodies from her recently. Oh and of course YAY for free stuff ;-) I totally agree getting a little something with your order is good. It totally makes me buy again.