Thursday, July 21, 2011


The Ink & Spindle stall at Design:Made:Trade

We're here! And so far it's been great!! I know it's a bit self gratifying and we really should be posting some pictures of some of our awesome fellow stall holders, but we're just so proud of how our stall came together and had to share some pics!

It's the first time we've been able to truly put our textiles on display in all our favourite contexts, and I think it's really given people a better sense of what we do (as opposed to what we can show in a market).

Anyway here's some more pics of the stall, we'll have some more show-wide photos tomorrow!

D:M:T - Our little kids corner featuring the Allsorts Quilt Kit, reupholstered stool by Reissued, and Table Lamp by Wilkins & Kent

D:M:T: Our little lounge area featuring mid-century Fler Armchair reupholstered by Reissued

D:M:T: Little hanging garden (Teegs' handiwork) and our kids corner again

Our little Inklet dude rocking out in his Pirates & Sea Creatures tee

We're here till Sunday, with Saturday & Sunday being public days, so please come down and say hello! There's so many amazing people here and everyone will have stock available for purchase. It will be like a design market ... but better!

xx Lara & Teegs


Thea said...

There's nothing wrong with blogging about your own stand. It looks fantastic! Will pass by tomorrow to say hello. I had to do a double take though - I thought that the child mannequin was giving us the finger. x

Jacinta said...

LOL! I thought the mannequin was giving the finger too.
LOVE the stand, definitely want to see it. The hanging garden is awesome. The stool is awesome. Everything looks amazing! Well done, hope the weekend is a huge blast girls. xo

Clare said...

Wow it looks so slick! I love the hanging garden touch, but in the first pic I did think your inklet dude was sticking his finger up at me.. :-)

ruth said...

Gorgeous! It shows off what fantastic designers you are! I love all your fabrics and you have inspired by so many different uses and settings. Love the hanging garden! Have to agree with the others as I did double take as I thought the mannequin was giving me the finger as well!


oscarlucinda said...

Your stand looks so beautiful - you should be so happy with it. I'm sure it will attract a lot of admirers too. The children's corner is bound to get many ooohs and ahhhs - and that little danish chair is so adorable!

Also just wanted to say that I received my allsorts quilt in the mail which made my day! It sat unopened for quite a while so I could just stare at it - you package things so beautifully!

All the best!

leslie said...

it seriously looks so unbelievably good, ladies! and i just spotted the oobee (teegs'?) on the bed :)

Juicy Roo said...

Seriously: It is AWESOME when you post pics of your stand, so people like me who rarely make it to your shows can see how LOVELY your things look. Keep it coming! xo

Jill Butler Design said...

Hi there, congratulations on your stand set up it looks amazing! As you say a great way to show off your fabrics insitu. Would love to have been able to come by and see but have to view from afar... Love your work. :) Cheers Terri and Jill