Monday, November 22, 2010

Window Furnishings Australia

We've been in the press a few times now, and overall it's been a bit of a weird experience. Usually our message gets garbled, misquoted or we just end up sounding like ditsy girls. So we've learned to be a bit cautious with interviews & take any press with a pinch of salt.

So we were VERY pleasantly surprised to read this fantastic article from Window Furnishings Australia! Dawn seemed to really understand us & translated that perfectly in to a really well written article.

Thanks a bunch, Dawn!

And I only mention 'hippy love' ONCE! I'm so restrained...


xx Teegs


Fer said...


James Boston said...

Hi Teegs,

I have passed your compliment on to Dawn. You will be very happy to know we have decided to run that article in our consumer magazine Decor ( in our upcoming issue which will be on the newsstand the monday before the Australia day long weekend.


James Boston - Editor Window Furnishings Australia

P.S. Our graphic designer went to High School with you!