Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello all!

Just a quick note to let you know that we've just restocked a bunch of stuff in our shop - including more Allsorts quilt kits - yay!

There's also heaps more meterage of all the popular colourways that have recently sold out. Yay for having a fully stocked shop again!

Oh and guess what else? It's Teegs' birthday today!! Wish the special lady a happy birthday everyone!! We're about to take her out for a special lunch/arvo tea at a surprise location :)

xx Lara.


Fer said...

Happy birthday Teegs! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for the speedy dispatch of my order - no excuses not to have them finished before Christmas. I also love the handfinished packaging!
And " harpy birfdae" Teegs

Suzie said...

Teegs has the same Birthday as me? No WAY! That's cool! Go team ginger* scorpio!

*I grew my hair out last year and it turns out that I'm a red head! Who knew?

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Teegs, Hopy you had a lovely lunch with good company