Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deep in the Woods

You know how sometimes there are people out there who are amazingly talented but tucked away in quiet places (in this case at the end of a cobblestone laneway) and you wish that more people knew about them? Well Steve from Deep in the Woods is one of those people.

When we first moved into the Younghusband building, there weren't many other people around in this cavernous place. But Steve's workshop at the end of the laneway was always lit up, as he worked long hours into the night turning salvaged timber into amazing pieces of furniture.

I wasn't the only person who told him that he really needed a website to get more exposure, and am so glad that a contra deal with our other talented neighbour Angus from Lettuce (who now has a dining table so large it can only fit in his studio!) resulted in the awesome website below:

It took us a while to get to know Steve but since knowing him better he's been so generous with his time, spare tools and skills. The other day he took the time to cut a new window out of perspex for my car after someone broke into it. How nice is that!

We're looking forward to one day doing some collaborations with Steve, so stay tuned :)

xx Lara.

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