Thursday, November 11, 2010

Suziam - talented she is

You've heard us waffle on before about the talent in this building, and here's yet another example! Suziam (AKA Owl Posse AKA Susan, who works downstairs at Lettuce) bought two old armchairs a couple of years ago at the Chapel St Bazaar and then in classic crafter form took a couple of years to find the right fabric and some spare time to actually recover them.

But she finally did, in no less than Teegs' Lace Fans in Robins Egg. They turned out awesomely!

Here's the before shot:

Suziam's chairs - before

And here's the after:

Suziam's chairs - after

Nice work Suz! Oh and check out Suz's other crafty awesomeness at her blog Owl Posse. Yay!

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